How To Bleach Knots On A Wig-Step By Step

When it comes to wearing a lace front wig, making your wig look natural is the most critical thing you need to consider. Besides choosing a human hair wig with the correct hair color, lace color and wig density, pluck a wig, bleaching knots on a wig is another effective method to achieve a natural appearance.

After bleaching knots, the hair looks like growing from your scalp, and people can hardly tell you are wearing a wig. Bleaching is one way of hiding the visible knots on a wig.

So in this blog, we will bring you insight into the bleaching knots process step by step. Before that, here are some important things we need to figure out in advance.

What Are Wig Knots?

Wig knots are knots where the hair strands are knotted and tied into the hair system, usually around the hairline. They are used to secure the hair and prevent fallout and shedding too much.

There are two types of knots on a wig. Single knots and double knots. Let's take a look at their differences.

wig knots

Single knots mean only one hair strand for each knot. This knotting technique makes the wig look natural, as the knots are very small and almost undetectable.

In this case, they are easy to bleach. Single knots are mainly found in the front hairline of lace because they are smaller in size. But everything has two sides, single knots may more easily loosen up compared to double knots.

Double knots mean two or more hair strands are attached. They work well for high-density wigs. Double knots are more durable than single knots but not as natural as single knots.

What Is Bleaching Knots On A Wig?

What Is Bleaching Knots On A Wig

If you are skilled in installing a wig, you know that bleaching knots are an unignorable step before installing. Bleaching knots is a technology that pros or hairstylists always use to weaken the knots, making the lace knots invisible and matching your scalp well.

Why Is Bleach Knots On A Wig Necessary?

Why Is Bleach Knots On A Wig Necessary

When making a wig, hair strands should be tied on the lace. The more strands knotted on the lace, the more apparent the knots will look, especially for dark color wigs.

To get a more natural look, we need to bleach the knots to lighten the hair knots to a color that is close to your skin so others can not easily notice them. The bleach used to bleach the knots will open up the cuticle and remove the color from the lace in an irreversible chemical reaction.

This process will make the wig appear as if it is growing from your scalp. When the lace is bleached, it decreases the visibility of the knots, and you can get a more natural look.

When the article come here, most people may ask, "Is it a must to bleach the knots?" Is there any difference between bleached knots wigs and unbleached knots wigs?

Bleached Knots Wig VS Unbleached Knots Wig

Appearance: Bleached knots wigs look more natural than unbleached knots wigs because of the bleached knots, giving you a look like the hair growing out of the scalp.

bleached knots wig vs unbleached knots wig

Durability: Since bleached knots wigs are processed with bleach on lace already, which will loosen the knots, wigs are not as durable as unbleached knots, so hair strands are attending to shedding.

Lifespan: Unbleached knots wigs are strong, and hair strands are firm and healthy. So they can last longer than bleached knots wigs.

Bleaching Knots On A Lace Wig

Step1: Gather all your equipment

tools to bleach knots on a wig

Mannequin head (or anything you can lay the wig on): A tool you can place your wig on to keep it firm and apply bleach mixtures.

Plastic Cap(Optional): You can place the plastic cap on the mannequin head to protect the mannequin head from stains and chemical reactions from the bleach.

Gloves: Working with hair bleach can be tricky. One pair of hand gloves can protect your hand and avoid any form of skin reaction or irritation from the bleach.

Professional bleach and developer: 20 or 30 volumes will be fine.

Tinting Brush: It is essential to use a tinting brush when coating the lace.

Mixing bowl: Plastic is preferred. A tool to mix the bleach and developer.

Aluminum Foil: It is important for helping the knots lighten up.

T pins(optional): T pins are used to secure the wig on the mannequin head.

Neutral shampoo and conditioner: The neutral shampoo can prevents the wig from getting dry and appearing dull. And it can wash off the chemical and oil contents from the bleach. The conditioner is used to bring back the vibrant and makes your wig smooth and soft.

Blow dryer(optional): It is best to let the wig air dry, if you want to speed up the process, get a blow dryer with a low-temperature setting.

Step 2: Prepare and secure your wig/ place your wig on a flat place

Turn your lace wig inside out, put it on the mannequin head, and use T pins to hold your wig in place. If your wig has babe hair, make sure to secure the babe hair too. Hair spray can also help a lot. You don't want the wig to move or the hair gets bleached during the bleaching. 

If you don't have a mannequin head, you can also lay down the wig on a flat place.

Step 3: Prepare the bleach mixture

Before bleaching, get your bleach mixture ready.

prepare bleach mixture

  • Put on the glove to protect your hands from chemical harm.
  • Follow the product instruction to add the professional bleach and developer to the mixing bowl.
  • Then stir the mixture thoroughly until the consistency turns thick and creamy.

(As a beginner, it’s advisable to use a developer of volume 20ml. The most common developer-to-bleach ratio is 1:1)

Step 4: Bleaching knots

Here we come to the most important part, bleaching knots on the wig.

Bleaching knots

1. Gently brush the mixture into the knots to avoid seeping it into the roots. Repeat this step until coat the whole lace. You don't want to miss any hair knots.

(Be gentle when brushing the bleach mixture, avoid pressing hard to prevent it from seeping into the roots. Also, don't put too much bleach on the lace, you don't want the bleach to steep and bleach the wig root instead of the lace knots. )

2. Then cover the lace part with aluminum foil and let it stand for 15-20 minutes. Focus on checking if the hair knots become invisible.

(If you are not familiar with the bleaching, check the lace state from time to time to avoid the lace over-bleaching)

Step 5: Rinse up the bleach

Rinse up the bleach

Now that the lace achieve the color we desire, it's time to rinse up the bleach. Rinse the lace upside down quickly to avoid getting the mixture onto the hair.

Step 6: Washing and condition your wig

After rinsing up the bleach on the lace. It is essential to wash your wig with neutral shampoo to remove the dryness. And apply the conditioner to supply adequate moisture back to a healthy condition.

Step 7: Dry the wig

Squeeze the excess water by using a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel. Then air dry.

Do and Don't Do When Bleaching Knots


1. Do a complete stir when mixing bleach and developer until the consistency turns thick and creamy.

2. Do cover the whole lace when applying bleach, don't miss any knots.

3. Do choose neutral shampoo and conditioner.

Don't Do

1. Don't apply too much bleach mixture on the lace.

2. Don't press too hard when brushing the lace to avoid tinting the bleach on the root of the hair.

3. For newbies, don't add bleach and developer over 20ml volume.

How To Fix A Over Bleached Knots Wig?

How To Fix A Over Bleached Knots Wig

It is possible to happen for every newbie, over-bleaching. The bleach got on the hair and turn the roots blonde, which is the distinguishing feature of over-bleaching.

It may be caused by the incorrect application method or keeping the bleach mixture on the wig for too long time. The lace color becomes brassy color and very conspicuous when you put on the wig.

So here we will give you some quick and easy ways to fix an over-bleached knots wig.

Temporary fix: Mascara Brush

Step 1: Part the hair and help to identify the over-bleached area.

Step 2: Grab a mascara brush to brush the hair gently near the knots, be careful during this process. And make sure to coat the over-bleached part completely.

Step 3: After confirming all the over-bleached coated, then blow dry to avoid smudging your hand.

Step 4: Detangle and restyle the wig.

Permanent Fix: Dye Your Hair

Here is also a permanent method to fix the overbleached knots wig, dyeing the overbleached hair. It is just like how you bleach knots on the wig.

Step 1: Put your wig on a mannequin head and wear one pair of gloves.

Step 2: Get the hair dye color to match your lace wig color, following the instructions to pour everything into the bowl and mix it up.

Step 3: Apply hair dye on the over-bleached area by using a small spoolie brush. Start from the roots lightly pressing on them and get as close to the roots as possible. Take your time and be gentle if you don't want to dye the bleached knots accidentally. 

Step 4: Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse the hair and wash it with shampoo to remove the chemicals. Apply conditioner after and leave it for 3-5 minutes more before rinsing it out. Then you're done.


Bleaching knots is a common way to make your wig more natural, follow the correct steps to operate it and practice more, you can fully master it. On the other hand, you can also choose a hd lace wig that is easier to work with, or just buy a pre plucked pre bleached wig you can just skip this step. If you have any thoughts about bleaching knots, welcome to leave your comment to communicate!

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