Middle Part VS Side Part, Which One Is Right For You?

middle part vs side part

Every morning, we are faced with the eternal hair dilemma: the choice between a sleek, sophisticated middle part or an easy-going side part. Each one may define our entire style for the day or stretch to the rest of the week. Which should we go with? 

Finding the perfect feature for the best outcome can sometimes be difficult. But worry not, fellow hairstyle fans, because today we are discovering the far reaches of the middle part versus side part journey. Let us take a trip and uncover each element's worth to figure out which perfect look can be yours cautiously and carefully! Let's get started!

What Is A Middle Part?

The middle part involves splitting your hair symmetrically down the center of your head, creating two equal sides. This classic style has been in existence for centuries.

what is the middle part

Chocolate Brown Middle Part Frontal Wig

No matter the texture or length of your hair, a middle part can be utilized in endless ways, so you're sure to bring out your best look. Plus, because it also emphasizes balance and symmetry around your face, it truly contributes to your overall aesthetic.

Pros Of Middle Part

Middle-part hairstyles are ideal for those who want to frame face. Here are some great benefits of having a middle part:

1. More youthful and trendy

More youthful and trendy

Middle parts can inject a youthful and trendy air into your overall style. Its versatility allows you to accentuate key features of your face, such as your lovely cheekbones and entrancing eyes. This iconic feature through the midsection of your hair will help bring out the true beauty that lies within and create an impactful statement that leaves you looking fresh and refreshed. 

2. Accentuates symmetry

pros of middle part

A middle part helps balance your face shape by creating two symmetrical sides that draw attention away from any asymmetries you may have. This further accentuates the features of your face and brings more attention to the areas that you want people to focus on.

3. Less hairline on display

Less hairline on display

By having a middle part, you can hide away any issues with thinning hair or receding hairlines as it creates an evenness throughout your scalp. You won't have to worry about any disruption to your hairline as the middle part works to create a smooth, consistent look that's easy to style and maintain.

4. Works well with bangs

Works well with bangs

Those looking for a way to conceal wrinkles or prominent foreheads can rest easy when using a middle part. Bangs that are framed around the face will be perfectly in place due to their natural symmetry, making it the ideal hairstyle to cover up any imperfections you may have.

5. Well-suited for those with Round, Oval, or Oblong Face Shapes: 

Well-suited for those with Round, Oval, or Oblong Face Shapes

Middle parts are especially flattering for those with round, oval, and oblong face shapes, as the straight line helps create a longer look. This brings more balance to your face and can give you an elegant hairstyle that will make your head turn wherever you go. 

Cons Of Middle Part

While a middle part can be a stylish and versatile choice for many people, it may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some drawbacks to consider before taking the plunge: 

1. Not suitable for those with a square or diamond face shape

If you have a square or diamond face shape, the middle part can draw increased attention to prominent cheekbones and jawlines. This may prove to be unflattering, exaggerating the harshness of your facial features. 

It may result in an unbalanced appearance with unduly Stellar features. If this proves to be a concern, it may be wise to stray away from a middle part and search for styles that better suit the natural shape of your face. 

2. Less Voluminous

Having less volume in the middle part of your hair can make it challenging to cover up thinning strands. For those with fine or limp texture, a more tailored hairstyle can bring out each strand more effectively and add fullness. 

A side part can be ideal for this look as it combines effortless style with amazing depth. And with a few savvy styling tricks, you can easily amplify the texture and upgrade the aesthetic value.

3. Accentuates Asymmetry

Middle parts can emphasize any asymmetry of the face. If you have a crooked nose or one side of your face is larger than the other, it may not be wise to opt for this style. This is because it can draw attention to any discrepancies and widen the face, thus making the asymmetry more prominent. 

What Is A Side Part?

what is a side part

Side parts are a classic and timeless hairstyle that typically feature sweeping hair to the side for a subtle yet dramatic appearance. Working best with natural parts, this look can be achieved with any length of hair for fullness and a way to cover thinning strands. Usually seen on short cuts like crew and pixie, longer hair can successfully pull off the side part look as well. 

Pros Of Side Part

Look no further than the side part for an always on-trend and timeless hairstyle. Lasting style and appeal make this an effortless and versatile choice for a wide range of hair types and lengths. 

From short, cropped cuts to long, curly locks, a side part is always the ideal choice. But the benefits don't stop there; here are some other notable advantages of the side part:

1. Flattering for Various Face Shapes

Flattering for Various Face Shapes

A side part is incredibly adaptable and can be customized to suit different face shapes. It can add balance to round faces, soften angular features on square faces, and complement the symmetry of diamond or oval faces. 

2. Visibility of Cheekbones

Visibility of Cheekbones

The parting to the side creates a beautiful frame around the face and draws attention to those ever-so-slight cheekbones. This look is perfect for anyone wanting some extra definition without having to contour too heavily or apply blush. 

3. Reduces Forehead Exposure

Reduces Forehead Exposure

If you're self-conscious about the size or shape of your forehead, a side part can partially cover it, providing a sense of security and comfort. Even better, you don't need to sacrifice any length with short and medium hair types. 

4. Variety of Styling Options

Variety of Styling Options

From wavy locks to curly tresses and pixie cuts to long manes, the side part is compatible with a multitude of hairstyles and hair types. And many products are available to help you customize your look even further. 

5. Volume and Lift

Volume and Lift

One of the key advantages of a side part is that it can create the illusion of more volume and lift at the crown of your head. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with fine or thin hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous.

Cons Of Side Part

While the side part is a versatile and classic hairstyle that suits many people, it may not be ideal for everyone, and there are some potential drawbacks to consider: 

1. Not suitable for asymmetrical faces

If your face is significantly imbalanced or asymmetrical, this specific hairstyle may not be your best option. Sides parted and cut evenly can draw more attention to the imbalance in your face instead of concealing it. Consequently, you might want to consider an alternate style that better works with your face shape.

2. Forehead Exposure

Some individuals may be self-conscious about the size or shape of their forehead. While versatile and flattering for many, a side part may not provide as much coverage for the forehead as other hairstyles with fuller bangs or a center part.

Middle Part VS Side Part, Which Part Looks Better and Why?

middle part vs side part, which is better

Choosing between a middle and a side part depends on an individual's face shape, specific features, and personal style preferences. 

Middle parts tend to work well for:

  • Oval, slim, round, and symmetrical faces.
  • Short faces that benefit from the illusion of added length.
  • People who prefer sleeker, low-volume hairstyles.
  • People who want to draw attention away from a wider forehead or chin.
  • Middle parts can provide a clean and streamlined look. However, they may not be suitable for everyone!

Side parts work well for:

  • All face shapes, but especially those with rounder or more angular features. 
  • People who want to add volume and highlight their cheekbones. 
  • People who like a classic, timeless look. 
  • People who want to cover up a forehead that is too wide or long. 

Ultimately, what looks better depends on your characteristics and style preferences. Experimenting with middle and side parts can help you determine which enhances your natural beauty and complements your unique features.

Finding The Best Part for Your Face Shape: Which Part Best Fits?

If you have a good idea of what your face shape is but aren't quite sure what hairstyles suit you, then come with us; here you can get the answer to your question:

Round shape:

A middle part and a deep side part are both suggested for a round face, as they create an illusion of more length and symmetry. With these two parting styles, the fullness of the round face can be balanced out. 

round shape face with middle part

To further flatter this face shape, it is advised that layers in a haircut be kept minimal, as massive layering can cause more fullness around the face. Alternatively, a short haircut can drastically elongate the face and create a limber shape. 

Square shape: 

For those with a square or angular face shape, a soft, side-swept part with a fringe is the ideal option if looking to create a more balanced and glamorous look. It's important not to stray too deep with the part, as this may further accentuate the angles of the face and make it appear more stark. 

Square shape face with side part

Incorporating delicate shapes and blunt cuts around the jaw and cheek area can help to enhance the overall appearance for a more offbeat and semiautomated look. Enhancing the style with some subtle waves around the fringe is also a great way to create a sophisticated overall effect, allowing for a more stylish and poised look that complements those with square face shapes.

Oval shape:

If you have an oval-shaped face, the two best parting styles are a deep side or middle part. Opting for a middle part is great for those who want to accentuate their facial features and highlight the cheekbones in particular. On the other hand, going with a deep side part can add more dimensions and balance to your look while hiding the forehead if desired. 

Oval shape face with middle part

Adding versatility to the style with layers can also help to create a more captivating look and add extra body and texture to your hair. As for styling, incorporating natural waves through the use of curling tongs or hot rollers is an easy way to add a touch of glamour without compromising on comfort. The middle and side parts are great options for those with an oval face shape. 

Diamond shape:

Diamond shape face with side part

A side part is an ideal choice for those with a diamond-shaped face. This will help to bring out their strong cheekbones and heighten their natural bone structure. 

  • To create a marvelous style, start by blow-drying the hair to the side with a round brush. This will add essential volume and lift to the hairstyle. 
  • Afterward, add a lightweight smoothing serum to enjoy a sleek and elegant finish. 
  • Pin strands on the other side if desired for added contrast, or simply let the side part radiate. 

This style will help manage frizz while adding a playful touch, making it an excellent and fashionable option for diamond-shaped faces.

Oblong shape:

For those with an oblong face shape, a middle parting can be a great way to leverage their features. Drawing attention away from the vertical length of the face and towards the width draws attention to a balance that can create a truly stunning visual.

Oblong shape face with middle part

The middle parting is undoubtedly a classic style, but that doesn't mean it can't be customized to the individual! Placing gentle waves at the ends of the style can help add body and texture while ensuring that the overall look remains soft, feminine, and highly eye-catching.

In A Nutshell

After exploring both sides of the middle part vs. side part debate, it can be seen that there is a great amount of intricacy when discussing which is right for each individual.

While some may find the middle part to be a refreshing look, others may favor the more easy-to-style side part. Ultimately, finding the best part for one's face shape and hair type should be carefully considered to ensure flaws are minimized while unique features are celebrated. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is choosing the style that works best for you and your lifestyle. So, go ahead and explore the many options out there to find the perfect parting for you! If you have interest to explore side part wig styles, move your step to our side part wigs collection now!

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