17 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women

short hairstyles for black women

Deciding on the perfect hairstyle for your short hair may be a hassle. You might not know where to begin or pick from especially if you have curly/kinky hair. Or you may be cut between transitioning your long hair to short or leaving it that way. 

Don't worry, black queen, we're here to make things easier for you.Like long hair, short hair offers a wide range of stunning styles and endless versatility. There are a ton of options available to you. From curly to finger waves, to pixie cuts.

So, regardless of what you are- a relaxed, natural, afro, or curly babe, there's something for you. In this post, you will see 17 short hairstyles for black women you can rock.

1. Retro Finger Wave

retro finger wave

Are you familiar with the finger waves from back in the day? Oh yes, this is it! They emerged again, and you'll see celebrities like Zendaya rocking it. 

The finger waves will work best if your hair is relaxed. You might want to wash your hair first before styling for the best result. Get ready your comb, mousse, and a dryer (optional). 

Follow these simple steps to self-install:

● Step 1: Apply the mousse to your hair. 

● Step 2: Use your comb to create the waves in a pattern you like. 

● Step 3: Leave it to dry or use your dryer for that. That's it! 

2. Pixie Cuts

The pixie cut is another stylish hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle can crank your style from basic to sophisticated in a few hours. The good news is that it is easy to achieve.

cardi b pixie cut

Pixie cuts work well on different hair textures. You can also add your style to the regular pixie cut. You can get a pixie with bangs, go for the usual one, or have streaks of colors to give the peekaboo effect.

The beauty of this cut relies on the volume it adds to the top of your head. That area might be layered, curled, or straight. It is usually elegant!

3. Afro Hairstyles

Afro hairstyles are always so trendy and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The afro hair is achieved on a natural thick hair. It just needs to be combed and left to look good. 

Afro Hairstyles

You can go for a rounded afro. Or turn things up with an undercut. You won't be dissatisfied with the look.

Still, don't be limited to what we've just said. There are many styles you can achieve with your afro. You'll be creating your unique aura with anyone you choose.

4. Taper with Pattern Undercut

The tapered cut is a style that makes a statement. It's distinct and beautiful. But with an undercut, it's fire! Many celebrities have walked on the red carpet with this hairstyle. Take Taraji P. Henson, for instance. She's done the hair several times now. And she looks so chic in it.

Taper with Pattern Undercut

This hairstyle is simply cutting some areas of your hair short while leaving another part long. Instead of doing it yourself, you might want to visit the salon for this. Make sure to add some oils on the undercut for some extra shine.

5. Short Curls

Do you want to go for something simple? This is one great option. Having short curls can be simple but elegant as well.

short curls

They can be coarse, less defined, or precise curls. Short curls are easy to achieve and flatters most face shapes. To make it more personal, you can dye it or go for an edgy look. Or match some hair accessories like hair clips or headband. A touch of your personality will give the hairstyle some presence.

Those who don't have curly hair can make use of products to define them. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. Then, go in with a curl-defining cream/gel. The product that contains aloe vera are great choices.

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6. Short Kinky Hair

Short Kinky is another hairstyle we'll love you to rock. If you have it textured, then, that's more lovely. You can style it in diverse ways leaving you perfect.

short kinky hair

It's a hairstyle that is both practical and easy to work with. No need for long hours to make it look presentable. With your curling cream and oil, you are ready for the day.

But, remember to observe your routine on wash days. They can help keep your hair looking healthy.

7. Short Bob

Here's another trendy style most black women love to wear - a short bob. The short bob is the go-to hairstyle for anyone who loves simplicity. It's simple yet cute.

short bob

This hairstyle looks good on people with oval face shapes, heart-shaped faces, and round faces. If you have one, don't hesitate. It'll elongate your face and make your chin look slimmer.

To style your bob, you can make it layered or keep it classic. Whatever you want. It's never with flaws.

8. Taper with Curls

Taper with curls is a hairstyle that has curls on the longer areas of the hair. It's a versatile style worn by both males and females.

Taper with Curls

But for women, there's no limit to what you can do. You can go edgy, dye it, have the pattern cut, or even add fringe. It's all up to you. For the curls, you can do twist-outs or finger coils with curl creams.

9. Pixie Cut with Layers

For those who do not want a big chop, this pixie hairstyle is for you. The pixie cut with layers simply allows you to create a sophisticated look.

Pixie Cut with Layers

With the layers having different lengths, it leaves the top area of your head with volume. You might want to balance things. So, have bangs, fringe, or more of a mullet style.

Make sure you go with the flow or whatever variables of the pixie cut with layers you want.

10. Short Tight Curls

Short tight curls are an exciting look for black women. Again, you can have this styled in numerous ways. Get your curls to have volume on top, include a side part, or have it in bangs.

short tight curls

If you are unsure of the exact style you want to go for, discuss options with your hairstylist. But don't forget to consider your hair type and face shape.

11. Dyed Low Cut

The dyed low cut is simple, daring, and bold but beautiful. It's a haircut that requires a courageous step right? Of course! But it'll create a look you won't regret.

Dyed Low Cut

You can dye it with whatever color you love. We'll advise you to dye with a color that suits your skin tone. This will give you a dignified appearance.

Do you have a round face? You might want to opt for this hairstyle.

12. Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

An easy way to wear an afro is with this style. The TWA is a stylish short hairstyle that leaves you with a few inches of hair.

Teeny Weeny Afro

It's a common cut most women who transition from long hair go for. You can have those few inches curled, side-parted, or even dyed.

You wouldn't predict how far you can go with the TWA. But be aware that all looks lovely. They make you look stylish, elegant, and awesome.

13. Black Fauxhawk Hairstyle

Assuming that your short hair can't wear the fauxhawk hairstyle is wrong. You totally can. It's graceful, beautiful, and elegant but so are you.

Black Fauxhawk Hairstyle

You can do different styles of faux hawk with your hair. While it might be daunting to style, with the right products and tools, it shouldn't be a problem.

You can have an undercut as well. That will spice things up and leave you feeling good.

14. Short Edgy Hairstyle

Another hairstyle we consider daring is this hairstyle- the short edgy hairstyle. This hairstyle expresses a great personality. That's because it might not be considered quite feminine. It features a funky style with small and longer cuts.

Short Edgy Hairstyle

If you want to wear this style, don't be limited to the classics. You can dive in and be creative as much as you want. Go for the edgy spikes, the bob, asymmetrical, or the pixies. You can buy wigs in this hairstyle as well.

15. Side Swept Pixie Cut

Do you want to achieve a slimmer face? Then, this hairstyle should be your go-to. The side-swept pixie cut is an edgy and beautiful style.

Suitable for round and oval face shapes, this hairstyle will create an extraordinary look while elongating your face. It's easy to maintain, easy to style, and very manageable.

16. Easy Cornrows

Cornrows are my favorite and go-to hair always. Don't know about you. They are easy to make and without stress. You can easily brush it up, gel your edges and you are ready to go.

Easy Cornrows

Though you might be worried that you do not have a lot of hair to work with, the length has its charm too.

It becomes even more charming with an undercut. So, go get those cornrows.

17. Short Twists

Ever thought about rocking short twists? If you've not, you should. They're not just a hairstyle, they're a vibe.

They are effortless, elegant, and low maintenance. You only need to twist out the strands of your hair to get those results. You would love it.

And there you have it! 17 short hairstyles for black women.

From captivating curls to sleek pixie cuts, which one speaks to your style?

Share your pick in the comments below!

We're excited to know which look you'll be rocking next.

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