8 Best Pigtail Hairstyles For Black Hair

pigtail hairstyles for black hair

No other hairstyle has such an iconic name when it comes to talking about pigtails. These simple yet stylish hairstyles add cuteness and attractiveness to your outlook. While primarily these hairstyles are associated with young adult girls and kids, adult women can also rock their distinctive look.

Pigtails are a popular hairstyles that all women falling in love, whether your age and skin tone. In this article, we discuss the best pigtail hairstyles for black hair that you can easily make and carry. Let's get started!

8 Best Afro Pigtail Hairstyles

Let's see how many of these you like to experiment with. Don’t worry if you don’t have hair length for some of these styles. You can always get the best quality hair extensions from Hermosa.

1. High Pigtails

high pigtails

We recommend this hairdo for those women who have longer hair

  • You need to divide your hair into equal sections, starting from the top and going up to your nape. 
  • Then, tie and combine hair on the head on both sides with hair ties for these amazing pigtail hairstyles.
  • Now, you need to cover the hair ties by wrapping some of your hair around them and finally secure them with bobby pins to give them a perky hairdo look. 
You can always add weave extensions to add more volume to them if you are shy of your thin hair.

2. French Pigtail Braids

French Pigtail Braids

Simply adding French braids on both sides of your head can help you make the style, which is relatively easy to do. There are many variations of French braid, but they include the core that overlaps three strands of hair over each other until you reach the end. Now, you simply repeat the process on both sides of your head. 

This option gives you a cute schoolgirl look if you are a young female or a sophisticated beauty if you are an adult. Pigtail hairstyles for black hair, when braided, give off a completely different vibe. Here is how you can do it in a few simple steps.

3. E-girl Half-Up Pigtails

E-girl Half-Up Pigtails

No e-girl can refuse this half up pigtail. The only difference between this hairstyle and a high pigtail is that you need to have curls in your hair before parting your hair.

When you tie your pigtails when they are curled, they will give your hair a bobby and jumpy look. They will not only keep strands off your face but enhance your outlook when worn with a long dress.

4. Dutch Braid Pigtails

Dutch Braid Pigtails

Same as the French braid pigtail style, you start at the tip of your head and bring all the braid strands to the center. Then, part them into 2 Dutch braids. Now, you can keep going till the end of your hair or stop near the nape and tie them. After that, you can leave whatever length of hair hanging loosely.

See for yourself how easy they are to make and carry this hairdo. You can also add slight color to the mix with Peruvian virgin hair extensions and add a wavy touch to the loosely hanging hair.

5. ’90s Pigtails

90's pigtails

This vintage 90's pigtail hairstyle is terrific for those with short or medium-length hair and doesn’t require much work. Collect two strands of hair starting from your forehead, tie them with a band on each side, and leave the rest of the hair to flow easily.

6. Bubble Braid Pigtails

Bubble Braid Pigtails

These bubble-braid pigtails add volume to your hair and help you achieve an adorable look. The process is quite simple, start by adding hair bands starting from the top and after a few inches. Keep the hair strands tight in place until you reach the end. 

Now pull and tug lightly on hair between each band until you achieve a slight bulb or bubble. Once you are satisfied with the volume, simply spray hair spray on both pigtails to keep the bubble in place.

7. Boho Box Braid Pigtails

Boho Box Braid Pigtails

This boho box braid pigtail is simple yet effective in giving you a sleek outlook for a special dinner. All it requires is to make regular box braids with hair extensions and secure your hair in two double pigtails with hair ties. If you have a heart or round-shaped face, the twin braids will add symmetry to your overall outlook.

8. Cornrow Pigtails

Cornrow Pigtails

Cornrow pigtails are one of the most common styles that black women carry so well because of their braids and thick, permed hair. They keep your hair strands strengthened, require the most minuscule amount of hairspray, and give you a casual yet sensual vibe.

What’s The Difference Between Pigtail And Ponytail?

pigtail vs ponytail

It is pretty standard to confuse the pigtail and ponytail both as the name is similar, and some might even go as far as saying they look similar as well. But they are different, and you don’t want to confuse them when going for the latest hairstyle the next time you are styling yourself. Some of these differences are as follows.

1. Making and Construction

While both require you to pull your hair back, a ponytail will gather all of them at the back, and the pigtail will divide into equal parts on each side. 

2. Target Audience

Pigtail styles such as braids are most common with young girls due to their cuteness, but adults also use this style when they want to look casual. Ponytail is more attuned to the working class and encapsulates a professional look and maturity.

3. Positioning

Both these styles can be carried higher or lower styles. So, when we are talking about positioning, ponytails are placed at the back of your head. Pigtails, on the other hand, are placed or positioned on either side of your head, allowing you to free your hair.

Pros and Cons of Ponytail Hairstyle

sleek back ponytail

  • Keep the hair out of your face.
  • These are long-lasting and can be accessorized easily.
  • The style allows you to continue working without worrying about your hair bothering you.
  • You can easily accommodate this style in any professional setting.
  • Pulling them tightly can cause headaches and break hair stands if damaged.

Pros and Cons of Pigtail Hairstyle

pigtail hairstyle

  • Gives a natural and beautiful flow to your hair and beauty.
  • You can accessorize them with tons more than a ponytail.
  • Easy to maintain and you don’t need to wash them every few days. 
  • Some companies might consider this style unprofessional in the working environment.

Final Words

There are many hairstyles that you can wear daily based on the length, volume, and health of your hair. But to keep your hair in control and not bother you when you are doing day-to-day chores, nothing comes close to pigtail hairstyles. In this article, we discussed a few great pigtail-style options that you can easily rock. Comment your favorite pigtail hairstyles below to join communication!

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