The 21 Best 90s Hairstyles for a Retro Vibe

90s hairstyles

The 90s classics don't seem to be going anywhere! 

We love the 1990s hairstyles and can't get enough of them. From the braids to the updos and bobs, these hairstyles keep showing up back and back again as trends these days.

Have you spotted some '90s hairstyles on TikTok recently? Maybe you are wondering what they are about or you would love to find out about other ones too.

In this article, let's revisit some hairstyles from the '90s and get to know them. You'll be surprised to see many latest trending hairstyles on this list.

1. Ponytail with Scrunchie

Ponytail with Scrunchie

The ponytail with a scrunchie was a phenomenal hairstyle back in the day. This hairstyle involves tying your hair with a nice and beautifully made scrunchie.

You can style the ponytail differently with the use of the scrunchie. It could be a side ponytail that gives the classic vibe or wear it more trendy. 

In this decade, many celebrities and models like Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber have rocked this hairstyle. Well, in a modern way. It's simple, yet it's adds some spice.

2. Pin-ups


The pin-up is yet another '90s hairstyle people can't fail to recreate. Rappers like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion wear this hair. That inspires others to style it.

Like its name, the pin-up hairstyle requires some pins in styling. But a lot of time and expertise as well. Since it's a hairstyle that takes some effort, you will want to allow a stylist to do the job for you. In the end, if done correctly, the pin-up hairstyle turns out beautifully.

3. Swoop Twists

Swoop Twists

Well, this is different from the regular hairstyle you'll find in this decade. The swoop twist was a hairstyle common among actors and everyone back in the '90s. It involves twisting the front side of your hair and leaving the back area. Not just alone, curled, or straightened. It sure is a versatile style this decade embraced as well.

4. Prom Updo

prom updo

Are you looking for an elegant yet complicated hairstyle? The '90s updo should do. It's an elegant hairstyle that allows you to show off your facial features and your hairstyle.

The twists and turns make it look complicated but add a unique touch to the hairstyle. And the face frame is just perfect! You'll still see ladies slay this hairstyle to proms and events but it's obvious why.

5. Flipped Ends Hairstyles

Flipped Ends Hairstyles

Here's the retro style everyone wants to try now- the flipped-end hairstyle. It's crazy how no one is left out of wearing this hairstyle. Celebrities to Tiktokers alike.

The flipped-end hairstyle takes your patience and turns it into a dramatic and gorgeous style. As its name suggests, it's a style that has flip ends.  

While celebrities like Gabrielle Union (spot her in the picture above) and the Olsen twins wore this hair gorgeously back in the '90s, Rihanna, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, and many more celebrities wore this hair in this decade.

6. Chunky Braids

Chunky Braids

The chunky braid is one of the many braid hairstyles that were popular back in the day. Janet Jackson wore this braid beautifully with her white suit to the Grammy in 1993. (Take a look at the picture).

It's a simple but loving hairstyle that blows your mind whenever you look at it. Getting these braids shouldn’t be a problem but can you handle the weight?

7. Bantu Knots

bantu knots

Bantu knots are a classic hairstyle that remained for a very long time. The style simply reveals your lovely face and accentuates your features openly. It's a style anyone with any hair texture or length can do. You simply just have to flow freely.

How do you make it then? It's easy! Divide your hair into sections. There’s no need for meticulous calculations. Then, wrap them with the use of a hair band. Repeat for all sections and that's it! You'll have several beautiful knots.

The '90s rocked the Bantu knots in different styles. Some were plaited before rolling, others were just your hair alone and some were mixed. But one thing was certain, they all looked fantastic!

8. Box Braids

box braids

The popular retro hairstyle that never left- braids. Box braids are gorgeously made by plaiting the hair skillfully. It's simple and easy to make but needs a perfect touch to turn out beautifully.

Braids are versatile and styling isn't a problem. You can opt for an up-do, half-up, half-down, and many more. Or take inspiration from Beyonce, who left hers flowing, or Tia Mowry with side-swept braids.

9. Layered Feather Wrap

The layered feather wrap sure loves some attention. It's a style that screams perfection and detailing to the fullest.

This hairstyle is made into some kind of inner wrap that leaves it with the name-layered feather wrap. It adds some layering from the top to the tip of the hair that makes it stunning.

10. Locs


Are you wondering about the '90s hairstyle that is practical and stylish? It's the locs. The loc is a versatile hairstyle that works with all hair textures and lengths. The shorter ones in buns and the longer ones can flow. You'll be shocked by the numerous ways you can style the locs.

In recent times, Halle Bailey and her sister have embraced wearing locs and we can attest to how beautiful they look.

11. Pixie Cut

pixie cut

Have you ever wondered what decade nailed the pixie cut trend? Well, it's the '90s. The '90s had different styles and ways you could rock the pixie cut. It could include some waves or be more plain like Demi Moore's pixie cut for the movie Ghost. The hairstyle is just so badass that there are numerous ways to style it.

12. Bob


In recent years, we've seen different retro bobs back in town. But it's no news that the hairstyle is timeless and a cut to look good.

The 1990s bobs were several hairstyles that are between the length of a pixie to a shoulder length. Some curled with a fringe, and others were with waves, some more were straight. They were all statements we couldn't get enough of.

straight short bob human hair wig

13. Butterfly Hair Clips

butterfly hair clips

The '90s used hair accessories that elevated the hair look. One of them is the iconic butterfly hair clip. The butterfly clip might be originally for sectioning the hair and helping with clipping the hair to a place. Well, later on, it became a hair accessories people loved.

The hairstyles range from waves to straight hair and up-dos like in the picture above. But while the hairstyle matters, the clips matter more. It's to be placed beautifully on the hair.

You'll be shocked who wore the clips in recent years, well it's the driver's license singer, Olivia Rodrigo. At the VMAs in 2021, Olivia adorned her hair with a few butterfly clips.

14. Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair

Not a style you want? Gigi Hadid and Tyra Banks think otherwise. The crimped hairstyle is an iconic '90s hairstyle that's back as a trend. It involved using crimping irons back then. It is not a surprise that they were a treat.

The crimped hairstyle looks like the hair takes some bends at different sides of the area. While some might go all crimp from the top to the tip. Others might be in some areas of the hair.

15. The Rachel Cut

The Rachel Cut

Have you watched the series Friends? You might be familiar with Rachel, a character played by Jennifer Aniston. Well, the Rachel Cut was her hairstyle in the Friends.

But it didn't stop with her character, Rachel cut became a hairstyle everyone wanted to wear.

We saw Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson, and many more celebrities wearing this hairstyle on the red carpet.

16. Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair

It would not be okay if we fail to mention the spiky hairstyle. The hairstyle has taken different forms, including spiky buns, spiky pixie, and even spiky mohawks. Each one of them looks very bold and gives a confident look.

These days, the hairstyle takes a new form. While it's calmer, it still represents the '90s quintessential spiky hairstyle.

17. Space Buns

space buns

The space buns were a fantastic touch to add to the hair in the '90s. You’ll be goingfor a party and that’s the right element you’ll want to add. That's because it elevates the look. Plus, it’s just a simple hairstyle that can be done within minutes.

Don’t be limited to thinking you need your natural hair for this look. You can use braided hair and get those buns ready!

18. Bouncy Supermodel Blowout

Bouncy Supermodel Blowout

When we are talking about '90s hair trends, a bouncy and polished supermodel blowout can't be skipped. And now it comes a big back. '90s blowout can be achieved easily with a blow dryer and round brush. Fluffy is the accent we should add to this hairstyle.

body wave curtain bangs wig

19. Messy Bun With Tendrils

Messy Bun With Tendrils

The messy bun is another '90s iconic hairstyle that every lazy girl would be crazy for. It looks messy and effortless but exudes delicacy, that's the result every girl would love! Don't forget to add tendrils to add more flairs, frame your face, and bring more romantic vibe.

20. Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights

As we all know, chunky highlights popularised in the 90s, whether celebrities or normal women would love to slay this style. Especially works well on short to medium-length hair.

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21. Middle Part

middle part

The middle part is another iconic hairstyle from the '90s, its neat and symmetrical look makes women and men fascinated by it.

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And that’s it for our list! Some iconic '90s hairstyles. Why not try some 90s wig that won't interrupt your existing hairstyle. We know the list is non-exhaustive as it goes on and on. But these are a few of our favorites.

What are your favorites? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. Until next time!

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