Hairstyles For Black Women Over 50

hairstyles for black women over 50

Age no longer remains a limiting factor if you have a young heart and are living a healthy life. Though signs of aging do show on your body and skin, and so does hair. But if you take care of your health and hair at the mature age of 50+, it allows you to add more flirty colors and fashionable styles to your life. 

There are tons of hairstyles for black women over 50 that they can carry easily. Whether you are looking for a timeless natural hairstyle or prefer effortless wig styles, we have got you covered in this comprehensive guide! Let’s dive in to explore the most exclusive hairstyle options!

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8 Flawless Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

1. Wavy Pixie Cut

The pixie cut hairstyle is short and requires less attention. Plus, they will require not so many visits to the salon to get the wavy look. The sassy short hair look works exceptionally well for any occasion and even day-to-day chores.

Wavy Pixie Cut

If you have weak hair at this age, you can try on a Salt And Pepper short bob wig to enhance the look. You can also iron it to get the wavy pixie outlook that you always wanted. A glueless pixie cut wig only needs 1 minute to finish the installation, bringing much convenience to your life!

2. Tapered Cut

The tapered cut adds volume to the top of the head while trimming from the sides and the back. You can mask them with hair spray in the look you want, allowing the hair density to shine where it is required.

Tapered Cut

If you add slight color to your hair, then your face and eyes glow up more as it now brings attention to them. It is always recommended to treat them well before trimming and applying hair spray, as they will look fresh longer and stay healthy. The choice of color is yours, but it should complement your skin tone and eye shades.

3. Sleek and Simple Ponytail

Ponytails never go out of fashion and are welcomed in any professional setting, no matter your age or business. While at home, collecting and pulling hair on the backside with a hair band helps you work at ease. Sleek and Simple Ponytail

But once you are at work, you need to comb and iron them properly to get a sleeker and more professional look. Ponytail styles are undoubtedly the most alluring hairstyle no matter the age or circumstances.

If you like to keep your hair short but love to engage in a ponytail that is longer for a better outlook, adding hair extensions is always a great option.

4. Natural and Gray TWA

Natural and Gray TWA

Afros on African-American women are one of the hottest hairstyles you can wear. But with age, bigger afros might not be your thing, and hence teeny-weeny afros that are naturally graying are the best bet. The hairstyle will show your wisdom and enhance your beauty when being the most effortless hairstyle option that you can wear and enjoy.

5. French Braid

French braids are one of those hairstyles that look awesome on black women. The hairstyle works on any texture, color, and age. The best thing about them is that they can be accessorized with most ornaments. 

French Braid

These ornaments, bands, flowers, and even extensions aren’t age-specific, so the next time you are out for an evening, you can look stunning. We do recommend washing and combing them before blow drying to make them easy to manage. So, experiment with different braid styles and explore the ideal hairstyles for your personal best look.

6. High Buns

High buns aren't just the style of our generation. They have been around for ages and are the go-to hairstyle for working women. They are an effortless and classical style that keeps the hair out of the way no matter what you do.

high buns

The process is simple: pulling your hair, no matter how long, on top of your head and holding it in place with a pin or pins. Once done, you can spray the combination to keep them in place for longer. If you have a thicker texture, they can be worn this way for a few days at least.

7. Rod Set Curls

We recommend this hairstyle for people with short and medium hair as it will require you to use a hooded dryer to set them in place. A few minutes with perm rods and a dryer can do the trick. You can add any number of colors or adorn with bands or other accessories to add more color.

Rod Set Curls

If you feel like being a bit more adventurous, you can add a couple of short extensions to add more volume and color to your style. There are many hair bundles and colors available online that you can include in your wardrobe for a good variety.

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8. Dreadlocks

Which black women's hairstyles list will be complete without dreadlocks, even if it is for over 50-year-old black women? Well, none, of course. No matter the size and length of the locs, they are always known for their unique looks with low maintenance. It is the first time you need to sit down at a salon for the treatment.


Furthermore, you can add a color streak to make it more unique according to your facial skin tone. Maintaining that you can bring more attention to your eyes and shades with their help.

Finally, if you feel your dreadlocks are becoming stiff or aren't as soft anymore, shampooing them can do the trick. Applying oils or conditioners can also return their original softness if needed.

What Hair Length is Best for Black Women Hairstyles Over 50?

There aren’t any rules or fashion trends that dictate the hair length. Though many different fashions crop up each season, so you might look into them if you like. 

But no matter the length and style, you can complement them with extensions, colored wigs, or other accessories. As long as you are okay with wearing wear-and-go wigs with a variety of colors, you are good to go.

How to Manage Black Women's Hairstyles?

Sometimes, you might be thinking about how to keep black women's hairstyles like the ones you see in photos and shows. They are beyond shiny, relatively bright as night stars, no matter the color.

  • Well, the first thing that you should take care of is buying the best shampoo for your hair kind and thickness.
  • Secondly, they must be free of sulfate and paraben so you don't damage them in the long run. 
  • If you regularly use products that add color to your hair because of your styles, do use neutralizing shampoos for white or colorless hair. In some cases, people also use purple shampoo for better toning.
  • Finally, use a conditioner for frizziness or dryness. You can use the moisturizer after washing but must use deeper conditioning at least a few times a month. This is for keeping your hair healthy for a longer duration.


Age is nothing just a number. Age might change the way you dress up when you gain maturity and see the world in a different light. The styles you can wear, colored wigs, or other accessories might change, but your charm remains the same until you learn to own your beauty. Try out these hairstyles and let us know in the comments about your favorite one!

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