14 Split Color Hair Ideas for Your Next Look

split dye hair ideas

Are you looking for a hairstyle idea that is beyond the norm? Or would you love to try something new and bold?

Try split-dye hair!

Split-dye hair is a trendy style that dyes your strands in two colors. It's wild how, most of the time, we love to choose between two tones but are still confused about which one to choose.

Well, Spilt dye may be the answer. You can merge your favorite colors on your hair.  Divide your hair into two halves right down the middle and create a unique two-tone hairstyle.

Here are split dye hair ideas to kick start with.

1. Black and White

Black and White

Take inspo from Cruella de Vil's signature split dye hairstyle. It's classy, timeless, and perfect for a first try. The black and white split hair color creates a good contrast,  giving you the opposite side of the other. You'll be sure to get heads turning at this hairstyle.

It's so versatile that whether you apply this color combo on long or short, straight or curly hair, even in braid, faux locs or wigs, the result? Brilliant!

So, if you've ever doubted the possibility of a jet-black dye and half-white together, don't. It's alluring, and styling this with straight hair is more than perfect.

2. Pastel Pink and Green

Pastel Pink and Green

Do you have a festival coming soon? Or do you want to have your hair styled for Halloween? Go for the pastel pink and green split-color hair. It's a bold look you can create for any event, making you stand out without a doubt.

3. Bubblegum Pink and Periwinkle

Bubblegum Pink and Periwinkle

If you'd love to go all out with the split-dye hair trend, try rocking bubblegum pink and periwinkle. Tender and feminine, it's perfect for a girly day out.

Can you style it with your hair length? Yes, you can. You can style this with your long, short, or medium-length hair. Add in some bangs, and you'll get a whole new, different vibe. It simply makes you stand out amongst the crowd and lets you enjoy every single moment.

So, if your first color options are pastel colors, don't sleep on this idea. You'll love it. There's no doubt about that.

4. Pink and Blonde Split Hair Color

Pink and Blonde Split Hair Color

This has to be one of our favorites! The pink and blonde split hair color provides a subtle two-tone hairstyle you can enjoy wearing daily. It's like a Barbie girl's dream hair color or a mixture of your favorite ice creams side by side.

Go for a blunt cut with this, and it'll be nothing short of lovely. You can also rock the colors with long hair. Whatever you choose to wear will make you happy. However, be sure you're dyeing correctly to get a beautiful contrast.

In addition, you can easily get the Nicki Minaj same pink and blonde split dye hairstyle with a 613 blonde wig, just dye one-half pink, done!

5. Black and Aquamarine Blue

Black and Aquamarine Blue

It's always nice to do something you love. If you want something simple and love to combine a cool color with black, pair black with aquamarine blue for a splendid and lovely hairstyle.

These two colors are a testament that you don't have to go too wild to make something outstanding. They are excellent choices for a surprise hair makeover and will make you feel lively on any occasion.  

Add some waves to complete the look, and use a hairspray for extra shine.

6. Platinum Blonde and Red

Platinum Blonde and Red

Blonde hair has always been very fashionable. It's timeless and beautiful. But pairing it with red only creates a fantastic result you never expected. Enhance both sides to achieve a sleek and gorgeous glow.

What's best is you can style it any way you want. Go with a short, elegant, blunt-cut hairstyle for a chic look, or choose to dye your long hair with these colors. Remember, you can make some tweaks to this idea. So, get creative with yours and rock a trendy look.

7. Lilac and Brown

Lilac and Brown

This half-and-half hair is the combination you didn't know you needed. Lilac and brown give you a pearly and brown split without being too bright or cool.

So, switch up your look with these brown and periwinkle tones. It's classic, beautiful, and definitely out of this world. 

According to hairstylist Kayla Deics, you can get the lilac formula by mixing blue muse with cupid + clear. A more specific way to dye your hair and get the right formula is to visit a hair salon. You are sure of getting your hair split-dye properly.

8. Pink and Orange

Pink and Orange

Have your hair looking smashed and stylish with the pink and orange split hair. While it's a bold look, there's no doubt that it's gorgeous and fun for summer.

The warm tones hit so differently, making you wonder why you've never discovered the combination yet.

Unlike in the image above, use your curling iron to create loose waves in your hair and finish up the look with hairspray. You'll be proud of your look for a very long time. Who knows, maybe this might be your go-to colorful hairstyle.

9. Violet and Green

Violet and Green

Violet and green are two colors that go very well together. Try split-dyeing your hair with them, and you'll be very pleased with how well it turns out. They will give the perfect contrast, making your hair look effortlessly amazing.

But before you visit the salon, decide on the shades you want first. Let it be what you're comfortable with, what suits you, and what you love. You can go ahead and discuss your choices with your hairstylist later.

10. Blonde and Peach

Blonde and Peach

Get excited for the next season with blonde and peach split hair. This color combo can step up your hair game. It's contemporary, making you look chic without doing too much.

The colors can make your hair turn out great, whichever way you style it. A messy updo will be gorgeous; a sleek and straight hairstyle is not any different, and so will a wavy hairstyle.

However, before using the dye, test a few strands. You want to ensure that the dye doesn't look awful when you're done.

11. Lavender and Rose Gold

Lavender and Rose Gold

Feel alive with lavender and rose gold split-dye hair. This dream-come-true hair color combination will make you look elegant and have you obsessed with the outcome.

While you can dye this at home, it might take a lot of work to achieve a flawless look. If you are dyeing it yourself, get the formula for each dye and test on a few strands before going in to dye the whole part. Once you do, the hair will appear stunning, making you love it even more.

Long hair length is ideal for this two-tone hairstyle. But, if it's short, it's even better. So, rock it with whichever hair length you have. Don't forget to add curls to your hair and seal everything with a hairspray. 

12. Green and Gray Split Hair Color

Green and Gray Split Hair Color

The green and gray split hair color hairstyle is giving everything it needs to give! It creates a cool contrast that makes it appealing and mysterious at the same time.

You can rock your medium-length hair in a wavy style or even choose to wear it straight. It's gorgeous and stylish.

We'd love you to have your hair dyed perfectly to create a beautiful two-tone hairstyle. So, consider visiting a professional stylist to achieve this look. But if you'd love to style this yourself, choose your dye products carefully.

13. Red and Black

Red and Black

Who would have thought red and black split hair color would go hand in hand? You might not have guessed right, but it's worth trying out.

The color combo makes a bold statement and will always leave you feeling dazzlingThey can be hypnotizing, making you wonder which side is your favorite. But isn't that what everyone would love to achieve with their hairstyles? So, get your colors ready and dye your hair to perfection.

14. Wine Red and Peach

Wine Red and Peach

A word that perfectly describes the wine red and peach combo is stunning. It's a breathtaking split-dye hairstyle you should give a try if you would love to rock a truly impressive contrast.

Let both colors mesmerize you and create the most excellent hairstyle you can rock for your outings. But, it's only an idea. So, draw inspiration from this and create a beautiful two-tone hairstyle you will never forget. 


We hope you find inspiration for your next look from our list of split-dye hair ideas. There are quite a few options you can get creative with. So, pick your favorite and rock it beautifully.

Dyeing your hair yourself can be challenging. Consider other options if you find it difficult to achieve perfect split-dye hair. You can use temporary hair dye, wear a split dye wig, or visit a professional hairstylist to dye it.  

Please share with us in the comments other split-color hair ideas you know and which one from our list is your top pick.

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