27 Stunning Festival Hairstyle Ideas 2024

There's so much going on during summer festivals, with the music and fashion. It'll be no fun to throw a dull accessory on your head and leave it at that.

If you've always been stuck when it comes to finding creative festival hairstyles, well, it's time to change that.

Since festivals are a time to be super extra with your hairstyles, from box braids to adding glitter or bright hair colors, your glam should be bizarre.

We've picked 27 pretty festival hairstyle ideas you can tweak and add your personal touch to. So, ahead of the festive periods, discover some of the best festival hairstyles that will stay with you for long.

1. Colorful Bobby Pins

Colorful Bobby Pins

A few colorful bobby pins can take your hair to the next level. While it takes only a few minutes to do this, the effect is extraordinary.

So, pick a few colorful bobby pins you have and add them to your hair. You can recreate Yara Shahidi's hairstyle like in the image above. Or put your hair into a ponytail before arranging the pins to each side of your hair.

2. Baby Braids

Baby braids

The baby braids remind us of the Barbie doll hairstyle from our childhood. We've always wanted to replicate the look. And here's a chance. It's fun and looks cool for any festival.

Make sure your hair is braided loosely and packed with those elastics. Add a fun twist to the hairstyle and slay it gorgeously.

3. Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Accessorizing with hair clips can never go out of style. It remains trendy and unique. So, if you'd love to keep your hair as it is, why not opt for some accessories? You can add in clips for a chic upgraded hairstyle.

Like Olivia Rodrigo, you can slay gorgeously and elevate how you look. 

4. Chained Braid

Chained Braid

The chained braid is part of our picks because of how elegant it makes you look. It's an easy hairstyle that can boost your look without the need for a lot of accessories. Well, the chain makes the difference.

Styling this hairstyle should not be difficult. Simply divide your hair into two parts. Then, put the front part into a pony and add your chain as you braid. Tie the root of the braids and leave the remaining gold accessory to flow.

5. Cherry Hair Tattoo

Cherry Hair Tattoo

A dope hairstyle you can try for the next festival is a cherry hair tattoo. It's fascinating. You can sketch a cherry or whatever you want on your hair before dyeing it.

6. Twisted Top Knot

Twisted Top Knot

Hairstyles like this are super easy and a great way to match your vibes for the festival. You can use your braided hair, making it even better. But make sure you are creative with this. You want to be sure it looks charming.

Here's a simple way to achieve the twisted top knot:

  • Create two ponytails and secure each with elastics.
  • Twist each section with two strands.
  • Twist the two braided ponytails and wrap them around to form a knot on your head.
  • Secure the knot with bobby pins to keep it in place. And that's it!

7. Space Buns

space buns

A common hairstyle most people love to rock to a festival is space buns. It's a simple, chic, and fun style that keeps your hair off your face. Likewise, it is a perfect hairstyle to add accessories to. Add a few pins. You'll love it!

8. Rose Braid

rose braid

Festivals are a place to go wild and have fun. If you'd love to keep your hair away from your face but want it to look cute, the rose braid should be the hairstyle you go for. It is an adorable hairstyle that screams perfection. And a hairstyle anyone would love to try.

You'll need your hair to be voluminous to recreate this hairstyle. So, invest in some clip-ins if your hair is not so full. You will be happy you did.

9. Messy Pigtails

Messy Pigtails

Get yourself messy pigtails for a playful festival hairstyle. It offers you a fun and carefree appearance, suiting the vibe of the occasion. You might need a volumizing spray, and clip-ins for added volume.

10. Messy Low Bun

If you love something simple and messy, here's one. The messy low-bun hairstyle keeps your hair simple yet fashionable enough for the festival.

We mean if you'll have your hair later on in a bun, why not have a bun hairstyle so fashionable to stand out? You want to consider that.

11. Colorful Double Bun

Colorful Double Bun

It might warm up as time goes on, but having your hair in a safe space keeps the heat at the festival to a minimum. Plus, what's a cooler way to rock your braids to a festival than in a double bun?

You can add some colors to elevate the look before wrapping your hair into the buns.

12. Deep Purple

deep purple

Dyeing your hair deep purple makes you stand out during a festival. It's unbelievably colorful yet deep at the same time. Take inspiration from Lizzo and go for it.

13. Face-Framing Color

Face-Framing Color

The face-framing money piece hair color hairstyle has been reigning for some time now. And to be honest, it's flattering and reigns supreme. The highlights switch up your look and create an impactful change to your hairstyle. It adds to your style and leaves others drooling.

You can put in pink to pop up your hair, or whatever color you love best. It is a fun hairstyle you can try out with your best friend.

14. Twisted Wetlook Waves

Twisted Wetlook Waves

On the first day, you can kick off the festival with twisted wet-look waves. You only need gel and wax. Don't be shocked if you rock it till the last day. It's trendy and absolutely glamorous.

15. Rainbow Pastel Bob

Rainbow Pastel Bob

Do you have bob-length hair? If you do, the rainbow pastel bob should be one of your top picks. You can dye your hair with colors for the festival, keeping your hairstyle popping. However, if you can't, wearing a rainbow pastel bob wig works perfectly too.

16. Warrior Crown Accessory

Warrior Crown Accessory

Basic hairstyles can become elaborate with headpieces. And the perfect place to rock one- a festival!

17. Glitter Parting

Glitter Parting

The glitter parting hairstyle is one of our favorite festival hairstyles! It is a fun way to style your hair but requires a lot of care to take off. However, it should be worth it. Styling this hairstyle is easy. All you will need is a glitter spray.

  • Start by creating a part at the front of your hair. You can go with a middle part or a side part.
  • Then, spray the glitter generously on your hair.
  • Style the rest of your hair the way you want. And you're good to go!

18. Slicked Back

slicked back

Have you got a headpiece you'll love to wear to the festival? Then, nothing beats the slick back game. With some gel, slick back your hair thoroughly. Apply till your hair becomes flat. Then, put on your headpiece.

19. Butterfly Clips

butterfly clips

The reappearance of the 90s butterfly clips in the hairstyle world has made styling easier. You can add a few to your hair and viola, you are ready for the festival. It's a great way to complement your colorful outfit.

20. Sleek Bun

Sleek Bun

The sleek bun is a suitable hairstyle for any occasion. There's just something about it that makes it incredible and sophisticated. Moreover, it's simple to achieve and would take a few minutes before going to the festival.

Adding face-framing tendrils makes it sweet and gives you a different look. But tying all your strands into a bun makes it look neat and gives you a sultry vibe.

21. Pearly Queen

Pearly Queen

Pears are used as hair accessories these days. Adding pears to your edges  hairline can turn your hairstyle into something gorgeous. It doesn't have to be so dramatic. Just add a few and see how beautiful it'll look.

22. Mini Braids And Hair Piercing

Mini Braids And Hair Piercing

Mini braids and hair piercing for Coachella? Breathtaking! Rather than sticking to only braids, adding some hair piercing gives your hairstyle a charm. It's customizable, so use whatever piercing you want.

23. My Little Pony

my little pony

Take inspiration from your favorite childhood toy and slay your look with your colored hair and gems. The gems can be of different sizes and colors. It only adds to the glamor of the entire look.

24. Wire Braid

Wire Braid

This hairstyle is very similar to the chained braid. However, it uses a wire accessory instead. You can wrap your accessory around the ponytail extension before clipping it to your hair, making the process easier. Plus, it'll be better since the wire can be sharp.

25. Plaited Waves

Plaited Waves

The plaited waves hairstyle is another simple style you can wear on the last day. You can simply create by curling your hair and adding some braids to it.

26. Get A Wig

get a wig

Nowadays, wigs have developed very fast, and more and more types of wigs appear to offer convenience. You may want to choose a braided wig to save the braiding time, or you may want to opt for a pre-colored wig to avoid damaging your natural hair, or just get a wear and go pre everything natural black wig to get a natural look, just match some accessories can upgrade your look!

27. Hair Bow

hair bow

As the 2024 new trendy coming back hair accessory, the hair bow can't be skipped from the festival hairstyles list, various textures and color choices are available, you can add a hair clip bow to your hairstyle or make a ribbon bow by yourself!

Final Thoughts

There's always a festive hairstyle for everyone. And we've tried to cover 27 of them. Think about the vibe you want to go for, choose some of these hairstyles, and wear them beautifully. You can style these hairstyles with your natural hair, hair extensions or breathable summer wigs, all leading to a stunning result only if you follow the correct steps.

We hope you inform us of the hairstyles you chose in the comment section. Until next time.

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