6 Different Ways To Part Your Hair Or Wig

Different Ways To Part Your Hair Or Wig

In the past, I've struggled to part my hair. There were days I wanted to go all out with my hairstyle by creating beautiful partings, but I struggled and often gave up. Most of the time, I went back to brushing my hair all back because it’s either my parting was zig-zag or I lost track of the parting as I went further.

Guess what? My parting game changed. I can now part my hair in different styles without stress. I will tell you what I did to achieve this success.

If you've always parted your hair and wig in one way or two (like a middle part or side part), and you're wondering if there are other ways to part your hair. Well, there are. These partings can enhance your features and make your hair look beautiful. Plus, you get to rock different styles daily. So, welcome.

In this article, I'll share different ways you can part your hair or wig, how to go about it, and answer a few questions related to parting your hair.

6 Different Ways to Part Your Hair and Wig

1. The Side Part

the side part

The side part is a chic and gorgeous style. While some people have said the side part is out, recently, a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing this parting, making most people switch up their looks with it.

This parting is usually done on any side of the hair, and it gives that girl next door vibe. Those with diamond face shapes and square face shapes can consider this their go-to parting style. It'll be great and show off your facial features.

How to do a side part?

Parting this shouldn't be hard. You can either use your fingers or a rat tail comb to part. It depends on how straight you want it to be.

Method 1: Do a side part with rat tail comb

  1. Decide the side you want to do side part, then take the pointed end of the rat tail comb and be ready to do parting. To make it easier, use your eyebrows to your advantage. 
  2. You can create the part by drawing the line from the center of your one eyebrow. That way, you get a perfect side part.
  3. If you have bangs, blow dry them before flipping them to the sides and form to side swept bangs.

Method 2: Do a side part with your gingers

Creating a side parting with your finger will make it look messy and casual. You can use this method on days you don't want your part to be very organized.

There are tons of styles and different side parts you can rock. You can create the slicked back side part, the old Hollywood side part, or even style a high/low ponytail with a side part.

2. The Middle Part

The Middle Part

The middle part, also known as the center part, is the most popular way to part the hair. It's easy and quick to achieve, making it one of the classic parts women choose.

Although it's a universal one that suits most face shapes, the center part looks much better on people with heart-shaped facesoval face shapes, and round face shapes.

  • For those with round faces, this parting can make your face look elongated. So, after parting, leave your hair around your cheeks to give you such effects.
  • If you have an oval face shape, open up your face slightly with the hair around both sides. Do that by placing them on your strands just right behind.

How to do a middle part?

  • Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb first.
  • Then, place your comb at the center of your eyebrows and run the comb to separate the hair. Part your hair with the comb and make corrections if need be.
  • Another way is to part from the middle part above your nose. You can go about two to three inches on your hair before stopping.
  • For your wigs, placing it on a mannequin or your head will help you achieve a perfect middle part.

3. The Off-Center Part

The Off-Center Part

Try the off-center part for a fresh look. If you think the center part does not look great on you or want a change, this is for you.

The off-center part is a modern chic look that gives your hair more volume around the root areas of your hair. It's the perfect parting for those with square face shapesoval and triangle face shapes, laying around the side of your eye and hiding a bit of the forehead.

You can create this style easily. Think of it as a center part but slightly off from the center. If you can create a center part, you can do this.

How to do an off-center part?

  • Simply part your hair a few inches away from the center of your head. You can either choose the left or the right side.
  • To make it even chicer, you can part your hairline a little bit, and leave the rest of the line in the center.
  • Remember, if you'd love your line to be straight, use a comb to part.
  • To part the off-center on your wig, have water in a spray bottle to make the process effortless.

4. The Messy Hair Part

The Messy Hair Part

A trendy hair parting you can create within minutes is the messy hair part. The parting requires no unique tool or even a rattail comb. You simply make use of your fingers to part.

This parting looks natural and modern. While it gives off the vibe of no parting and is messy, it does not look bad, insteadit's sophisticated, making you look great. The trick to having it appear great is a lot of hair. 

How to do a messy hair part?

  1. Comb your hair or wig to the back. It's always best to part when your hair or wig is wet. So, get some water and spray your wig or hair.
  2. After spraying, run your fingers through the side you'll love to part. It shouldn't look too straight or too roughit's more like in between the two.
  3. Once you've parted it, proceed to dry and style your hair.

Undoubtedly, the messy hair part is a part anyone can wear. And if you don't enjoy spending time creating a straight part on busy days, you can wear this.

5. The Deep Side/C Shaped Part

deep side part c part

The deep side part isn't so bad for formal or casual occasions. It's a type of parting that can give you many ways to wear your hair.

It's sexy and flattering, exposing your features, and softening them while it covers the other side. You can part this on your short, straight, long, wavy, or straight long hair.

The deep side part will highlight your features, making it best for people with round faces since it can help elongate the face. But likewise, oval face shapes, heart face shapes, and diamond face shapes can also wear this.

How to do a deep side part?

Run your comb through your hair around the end of your eyebrows. You can slide it straight to the back or go angular towards the center of your crown. That should form like a C-part. You are at liberty to choose whichever way you want it to look. The two deep side partings are gorgeous but will give you different vibes.

6. The Zigzag Part

The Zigzag Part

This is a popular 90s parting, but we're sure it's still a strong contender amongst others these days. The zig-zag part creates a zig-zag on your hair. It's a part that adds playfulness and fun to your hairstyle.

So, if you find the middle or side part boring, try the zig-zag part. This part will add that extra you need, elevating your style. It's suitable for any hair type and will work perfectly.

How to do a zigzag part?

While the zig-zag part is simple, most still struggle with their combs.

  1. To create, wet your hair with water and brush it to the back with a wide-tooth comb. 
  2. Pick your rattail comb and place it on the area you want to part. Go diagonally with your comb and back.
  3. Keep parting with your comb till you reach a few inches or the crown of your head.
  4. Let the hair fall to the sides the way you've parted it, and you'll see your zig zag.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know where my hair part is?

You might have heard this statement multiple times that we all have a natural part. That's true.

To know where your hair part is, wash your hair and comb your hair to the back with a wide-tooth comb.

Then, gently push your hair on top of your head towards the front (forehead) to see where your hair naturally falls. Where it splits is your natural parting. You can also create a natural parting using your cowlick.

2. Which hair parting suits me better?

We've mentioned a few ways you can part your hair and the face shapes they suit the most above. You can check it out for more details. But here's a quick breakdown:

● The side part- diamond face shapes and square face shapes

● Middle part- heart-shaped faces, oval face shapes, and round face shapes

● Deep side part- oval face shapes, heart face shapes, round face shapes and diamond face shapes

● Off-center part- square face shapes, oval face shapes, and triangle face shapes

Can I part my hair when it's dry?

Yes, you can. However, parting your hair when it's wet gives you more control, and makes your hair stay the way you’ve molded it.


There you have it- six ways to part your hair and wig. These ways are easy and should take only a few minutes to get each of them done.

So, follow our guide and give yourself a fresh look every day.

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