12 Bob Box Braids Hairstyles You Can't Miss In 2024

bob box braids hairstyles

Bob box braid hairstyles have stood the test of time and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. As black women, we all love a fashionable, trendy, and gorgeous short-braid hairstyle we can try.

If you're in for something new and looking forward to making bob box braids your next look, this article has a few fabulous bob box braids hairstyles you might want to wear.

What Are Bob Box Braids?

The bob box braids hairstyle has been a popular, protective, and cute hairstyle since the 90s. They are a kind of box braid with bob haircut length, from short chin length to long collarbone length.

Ready to pick your next bob box braid hairstyle? Check out these cute ones below.

12 Bob Box Braids Hairstyles

1. Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids

Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids

The asymmetrical bob box braids are elegant and protective. The hairstyle requires little time to style and can be the perfect choice for your event. 

It's both casual and exquisite, giving you a chic look. Asymmetrical bob box braids can help elongate the face, making them ideal for round faces. Nevertheless, they can be worn by anyone.

How can you achieve this hairstyle? Here is how:

  • Part your hair into squares. You can include using rubber bands to hold your sections.
  • Get your hair extensions and start braiding. Put in mind the length you're going for as you do this. Choose either your right side or left to have slightly longer braids.
  • After braiding all the sections, pick your scissors and a lighter to trim and burn the tips of your braids.
  • Do the finishing touches. Add styling foam and gel your hairline.

2. Bob Box Braids with Beads

Bob Box Braids with Beads

It's time to upgrade your bob box braids with some beads. What better way can you achieve a different vibe than adding beads to your bob? It's beautiful and refreshing. You can adorn the braids either with transparent beads or colorful ones.

The process is seamless. Simply put in your beads after braiding your braids. Use a rubber band to hold each one of them in place and seal the tips with fire. You want to make sure it looks neat and perfect.

3. Add Bangs to It

Add Bangs to It

Bangs add an elegant feel to any hairstyle. With bob box braids, it's even more elegant. You can look professional yet give off a chic vibe. It's like a combo that offers you a regal appearance.

You can have your hairstylist include any parting pattern you want. But don't forget to mention the bangs. It could be side bangs or the regular ones. Have your bangs braided, you'll be left gorgeous.

4. Butterfly Locs Bob Braids

Butterfly Locs Bob Braids

The marvelous texture of the butterfly Locs can't be talked about enough. They are beautiful, unique, and rich. But can you combine these locs with braids? Of course! If you're a locs lover, here's your lucky day.

Get your hairstylist to use synthetic braiding to create the locs and have your hair parted in squares. Crochet your bob butterfly locs and slay as you like. It's the perfect hairstyle for any occasion and can last long.

5. Colorful Bob Box Braids

Colorful Bob Box Braids

Whether it is adding a colorful strand to your braids or using colored hair extensions for all your braids, the colorful bob box braids never go wrong. It's seasoned and in style.

You can opt for a caramel color to brown to suit your skin. Or go all the way out with the colors. A blue can be fashionable while a pink can be attention-grabbing. It can be the perfect choice for your event, making you look stunning in the vibrant color.

6. Twisted Bob Box Braids

Twisted Bob Box Braids

Care for some twists? Then, you should rock the twisted bob box braids. It's a simple and easy-to-make hairstyle that makes you comfortable in your hair.

This hairstyle ranges from small to big. So, determine what range you want and go for it. An ombre can be unique, but likewise a one-color extension. You can choose a brown or red to add accents to your hairstyle. 

But the easiest part is the twisting. 

  • Divide your hair into as many sections as you want.
  • Take each and plait with your hair extensions.
  • Start to twist after making sure your braid is secured.
  • You are twisting in twos. Twist to your desired length and tie the tip.

7. Jumbo Box Braids Bob

Jumbo Box Braids Bob

low-maintenance yet classy hairstyle that never fails anyone is the jumbo box braids bob. This hairstyle doesn't weigh much on your scalp and looks good anytime.

The big braids make you feel on top of the world, and the shorter length makes you feel dope. 

It's a hairstyle that doesn't take forever to do. That's because the sections are large and braided with a lot of hair extensions.

You can style this with beads and strands. They elevate your whole look instantly.

8. Bob Box Braids with Curly Ends

Bob Box Braids with Curly Ends

Are you a fan of curly ends? This hairstyle is for you! The Bob box braids with curly ends are a chic hairstyle that gives you the liberty to add a playful vibe.

It's a hairstyle that oozes coolness and adds glamor to your style. The perfect one for shifting your hairstyle from strict straight ends to fancy curls. You can add the bohemian feel to it or stick to the classics.

  • First, get your braids done to the perfect length. You should not extend it more than the usual bob haircut. One way to measure is to decide your length with the initial braid and measure the others with it. 
  • Next, tie the knots where you want the braids to end.
  • Start to roll from where you want the curls to begin. Do this for all the braids.
  • Dip into hot water to activate. You can do this in little sections.
  • Once you've dipped it all, let it sit for a while.
  • Remove the rods and see your activated curls.

9. Bob Box Braided Wigs

Bob Box Braided Wigs

Are you in no way ready to braid your natural hair? Don't worry you can still rock a bob box braid. How? Wear a bob box braid wig.

This hairstyle can be as natural as you want. But it depends on the wig and your styling. So, get a natural, quality, and gorgeous-looking bob pre braided wig and style it to perfection.

You can get one in a hair store, or do it yourself.

10. Side Parted Bob

Side Parted Bob

There's something about the side-parted braid bob that makes you look distinct. It gives off a trendy and classic vibe, making you feel special. So, pairing a side part with Bob box braids is the perfect mixture. It makes a statement and elevates your look.

It's easy to style your side-parted bob braids if you divide your hair into squares. If not, part your hair on whichever side you want before braiding. Add some beads at the ends of the braids. You've simply brightened your overall look.

11. Push Them to the Back

Push Them to the Back

Have you always wanted no face framing around your face? What about pushing your bob box braids to the back? You might be surprised how super glamorous it'll look on you. It is a sexy way to style your bob and it can't go wrong.

Pushing a side back can give an asymmetrical flair. With the front, it's clean, and tidy and flaunts your forehead. You can even form a ponytail with the braids you took to the back. Or pin them down.

12. Ombre Bob Box Braid Hairstyle

Ombre Bob Box Braid Hairstyle

You can add life to your braids by going 'ombre mode.' It's a classy way to style and wear your bob box braid. This hairstyle can be dramatic and flashy with its contrasting colors. But elegant at the same time. You can choose to contrast black and brown or choose other colors you want.

For the addition, it's simple. Decide the length you want the first color to reach and include the next color until it reaches the bob length you are going for. Tie the tips and burn them properly.


How many packs of hair do you need for bob box braids?

A two-medium pack of hair extensions should be enough for your bob box braids. The hairstyle is short in length. However, you have to take note of the fullness of your natural hair and how full you want the braids to be. For instance, a jumbo braid might require a lot more.

How long do bob braids last?

Typically, bob braids can last up to two months since it's a protective hairstyle. But having them longer than this timeframe can cause breakage of your hair.

Is it true that bob box braids can damage your hair?

The bob box braids can not cause damage to your hair. Instead, they are protective and can protect your hair. However, installing them improperly and uninstalling them late can damage and break your hair.

What should you do before you get your bob box braids? 

Have your hair detangled, washed, conditioned, and moisturized. You want clean and healthy hair and scalp before braiding.

What’s Your Favorite Bob Box Braids Hairstyle?

We’ve concluded our list of the 12 bob box braid hairstyles you can try. Let us know your favorite and which one you’ll be rocking soon.

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