How To Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Wig?

How To Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Wig

Wearing wigs has become a thing in our day, surpassing just a particular community or a set of people. Nowadays, different people wear wigs - celebrities, young women, old women, and men. Almost everyone has the experience of wearing a wig.

According to statistics, 50% of women in America wear wigs, and an increase of an additional 40% among celebrities.

With the popularity of wigs and the advancement in the wig-making industry, it becomes hard to tell who is wearing one or rocks their hair. Wigs look more and more natural and can easily pass off as someone's hair. Still, there should be a loophole. Of course, there will be.

While it can be confusing to tell whether or not someone is wearing a wig, you will learn how to distinguish a wig from natural hair in this article.

Note: It's inappropriate to question anyone abruptly if they are wearing a wig or not. The topic might be a sensitive one for the person. So, please refrain from doing such.

Plus, people can choose to wear wigs. There shouldn't be a stigma attached to it.

How Can You Tell if Someone is Wearing a Wig?

You will no longer get confused and should be able to tell if someone (maybe your favorite character in a TV show or news host) is wearing a headpiece or not with these physical cues and clear signs.

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1. The Hairline

The hairline is a part of the wig that can't lie. It reveals any fault and can let you know if someone is wearing a wig easily. Although it can be tricky, it remains one of the first and simplest ways to tell. So, check the hairline spot, and you will know.

The Hairline

Here is how you can tell. Sometimes, that area might have fake hairline, visible glue or show the wig cap covering the natural hair. There might even be a difference between the hairline and the root of the hair, making it clear it is a wig.

But, there are some cases you won't be able to tell. It happens with high-quality lace front wigs that have realistic hairlines. Wigs like that mimic the natural hairline, making it easy to fool you.

Yet, that's what everyone wants in a wig: natural, realistic, classy, and gorgeous. Who wouldn’t love that? You can only know if such a wig is worn improperly.

2. Check the Root

Another easy way to spot a wig is to look at the root. The root gives it off. Many wigs do not have a natural-looking scalp or large enough lace area. We can tell it is a wig with the seams showing when divided or the parting ending suddenly around the crown of the head.

check the root

Meanwhile, there are likewise some nicely done wigs, making it hard to indicate if those are wigs. A good lace front wig is an example. It will do well in covering up seams.

3. The Wig's Volume Could Tell

    Wigs with masses of hair immediately tell you they are not real. Most times, it looks unrealistic and unnatural. It could be the hair is not distributed appropriately on the cap, making it obvious it's a wig. That usually occurs with wefted wigs rather than hand-tied wigs since hand-tied wigs have lower density and appear natural.

    Also, (in terms of volume) if the hair remains as it is in all seasons, it's probably a wig. Since with our natural hair, we may shed hair in a particular season. But with wigs, that's not the case.

    4. The Texture Tells the Truth

      You could easily distinguish a wig with the hair texture (truthfully, this is for synthetic wigs).

      The Texture Tells the Truth

      Since synthetic wigs have an artificial shine, it is easy to spot them as wigs. You may see them glow under the sun or look rather unnatural when it comes to texture. These things differentiate them from human hair texture, luster, and softness.

      While you can identify synthetic wigs as wigs due to their fiber and shine, it can be hard to tell if a person is wearing a human hair wig. You can only rely on other ways.

      5. Is it Too Perfect? Then it's a Wig

        Wigs are designed to be perfect. The body looks flawless, and the hairline is incredible. But no one’s hair is so perfect at all times. You can tell if someone’s hair checks the perfect point because wigs are always too perfect.

        For example, in very humid weather where everyone is struggling with frizziness and trying to keep their hair looking gorgeous, but there is someone's hair that doesn't seem to be bothered and is perfectly fine, it is easy to assume it's likely a wig.

        6. Rigid and Awkward Position

          You might not be able to tell on those who have worn wigs for a long time or are experts. But beginners may fail tofake it.Some might be self-conscious and are so aware that they stay in awkward positions and try not to move their heads at all times.

          These stiff and awkward positions will come from the thoughts of it slipping off their heads since they are new and might not secure it properly. Others might not be confident or comfortable yet in wearing wigs. Whatever rigid position or stance they take with their heads, you will be able to tell without doubt.

          7. Have a look at the Part Line

          Another way that tells if someone is wearing a wig is with the part line. Well, the natural hair part line will match your skin color. However, if you notice a color difference between the part line and the skin color, then it's obvious the person is wearing a wig and a wig cap.

          Have a look at the Part Line

          Finding the perfect wig caps that suit our skin color can be difficult since our skin changes due to the sun and melanin production. This means that whenever we wear one closest to it, while it may look good from afar, one can tell up close.

          It could also be a mismatch between the foundation used and the skin. Foundations and concealers used on the part line will reveal it's a wig if it's not blended properly.

          Again, when it comes to the part line, you could use the width of the part line to know. Some wigs come with slim part lines and might be done roughly. So, they do not look as natural as when you part your hair. Although experts know the trick to making the part line appear more natural by plucking the hairs out, beginners might leave it, which makes it easy to tell.

          Check natural pre plucked pre bleached wig here!

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          8. What about the Hair Color

          If someone opts for a different wig color that does not match the shade of their natural hair color or their skin tone, it shows the person might be a wig.

          What about the Hair Color

          For instance, wearing a blue or orange hair wig tells it is different from the natural hair color, and if anyone chooses to wear any of these colors, it could be a sign the person is wearing a wig.

          Also, the hair root could tell if it doesn't match the rest of the hair color. However, this method can be difficult to prove since it's possible to dye one's hair.


          Is it Rude to Ask If Someone is Wearing a Wig?

          As we said earlier, it is. The subject of wearing a wig is a sensitive one, and no one would like to be asked such questions to the face. So, kindly refrain from asking anyone such questions. If this makes it any better, imagine someone asking you such a question. You may not like it as well.

          Is Wearing a Wig Embarrassing?

          No, it's not. Wigs offer versatility and can be the best choice if you love to change hairstyle often. So, do not feel embarrassed wearing wigs. It's your choice, and be confident with it.

          What do You Say if Someone Ask If You're Wearing a Wig?

          If anyone does, be confident about your answer. Inform the person if you are wearing one, and that's it!

          While you may seem displeased, we fully understand why you are, but don't let it bother you. You could even throw a question about the beauty of the unit to them and move on.

          Will People Notice I'm Wearing a Wig?

          With the methods we mentioned in this post, they may find out. However, if you don't like people to know, you could go for high-quality wigs. Human hair wigs fit perfectly into this category. They look and feel natural. Also, you could streamline your options and choose between human hair lace front wigs or invisible HD lace pre everything wigs. You will find them natural, and they can be hard to predict if installed properly on your head.

          Final Words

          These methods above can help you know if someone is wearing a wig. However, since this is a sensitive issue, it's not advisable to point it out or inform anyone else if you discover someone is. Besides, anyone can wear a wig, and no one should shame them.

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