Lace Front Wig VS Full Lace Wig, What's The Difference?

Lace Front Wig VS Full Lace Wig

Wigs are in different variations in terms of quality and type, and most people are aware of this. They compare qualities and decide on their preference.

But another aspect wig wearers constantly compare is the construction and features of wigs. While they might not fully understand their details, wigs with such construction face an unending battle of preferences.

If you've guessed the lace front wig and full lace wigyou're correct. Wig wearers hope to know the best choice between these two and find the most compatible wig that will give them the ultimate look they want.

Are you having trouble deciding between these two wigs as well? If you've never used them, that's possible. But regardless of whether you're new to the wig world or a veteran, this article will be helpful.

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

lace front wig construction

A lace front wig, as the name implies, has a lace base at the front of the wig. The lace gives you the illusion of a natural hairline, making your hair look flawless after styling.

While the front of the wig mimics the appearance of the scalp, the rest of the wig doesn't. The wig’s frontal lace is simply joined with a thicker material that covers the rest of the wig. This allows the back area of hair to be full. Attached in wefts, the back does not have the appearance of a scalp.

Since the front part mimics the natural hair, when installing, the lace is usually cut off and styled to look like your edges. And you can part the hair anyhow you like, making it versatile. But this does not extend to the whole part of the wig.

Features Of A Lace Front Wig

Features of a Lace Front Wig

1. Natural looking hairline

Lace front wigs contain lace that is attached to the edges and made to look like natural hair (especially pre plucked wig). It means its design makes it look real, blending well with your skin if properly installed.

2. Versatility

The wig allows you to style in different ways and part anyhow you want. While it's limited to the front only, it is nice to have styling options for your wig.

3. Voluminous

With thicker material at the back of the wig, lace front wigs are usually voluminous.

What Is A Full Lace Wig?

full lace wig construction

A full lace wig has a cap construction made with a full lace. It is unlike the lace front wig, which is partly lace.

The wig is usually lightweight because the base of the cap is entirely lace, making it breathable as well. To achieve such good results, the hair strands are hand-tied, making them more expensive than lace front wigs.

But there is more to a full lace wig. It's comfortable, appears more realistic, gives the feel of natural hair growing from the scalp, and offers much wider styling options.

Features Of A Full Lace Wig

Features Of A Full Lace Wig

1. Natural hair appearance

The entire base of the wig appears like natural hair. It gives you a more realistic-looking wig than any other.

2. Breathability

Full lace wig material is durable, making them comfortable and breathable. They allow better airflow around your scalp.

3. Wide range of styling options

You can style a full lace wig in multiple ways. Ponytails and buns hairstyles are no exception. That’s all thanks to the cap construction of the wig.

The Difference Between A Lace Front Wig And A Full Lace Wig

The Difference Between A Lace Front Wig And A Full Lace Wig

1. Base Construction and Design

The first and only physical difference you'll see between lace front wigs and full lace wigs is in their cap construction and design. While lace front wigs have lace at the front and a thicker material at the back, full lace wigs are made entirely of lace caps. This physical distinction separates the two from each other.

2. Durability

Both lace front wigs and full lace wigs are durable. Some consider the lace front wigs more durable because they have thicker material at the back, making them generally last longer. Others will say the lace front wigs win as the tension is equally distributed.

In all, there is no doubt that these wigs are durable and can last long depending on how you care and maintain them.

3. Range of Styling Options

Full lace wigs and lace front wigs offer various styling options you can ever think of. However, one is more limited than the other.

With lace front wigs, you can have your front wig area styled as you want, but the back part is restricted. Full lace wigs, on the other hand, offer more versatility. There are no limitations whatsoever with these wigs. You can style an updo, or a ponytail, or move in various directions with your styling.

4. Appearance

Appearance matters. And with these wigs, you can have a stunning appearance. A lace front wig can get a natural-looking hairline. The full lace wig, on the other hand, will give your entire scalp a natural look.

5. Price

These wigs have a distinctive gap in their price range due to the difference in their construction process. Full lace wigs, for instance, are more expensive as they are hand-sewn, taking more time to complete than regular wigs. Whereas, lace front wigs are much more affordable since the wig includes a lace base and a mesh base.

Are there Similarities?

There are. While these similarities are few, we can place a hand at some.

First, both wigs include a lace. Full lace wigs are made entirely with a lace base, and a lace front wig has a lace base at the front and a thicker material at the back.

These wigs, likewise, offer versatility to their wearers. You can rock different hairstyles with them. So, choose any hairdo and wear them beautifully.

Lace Front Wig VS Full Lace Wig: Which One is Better?

Lace Front Wig VS Full Lace Wig Which One is Better

The answer is yours to make. So also, the choice. Choose what's more suitable to your needs and go for it. Lace front wigs will give you a natural hairline and volume but offer limited styling options. At the other end are full lace wigs, which give you a natural scalp and numerous styles you will love to try, but at a higher cost.

So, decide based on your styling preference, consider your budget, and look into other factors.

We've listed their differences and features. Take a good look at them before going for whichever one.

A few other pointers are to:

- Consider maintenance.

- Choose a wig that makes feel confident and beautiful.

If you're new to lace wigs, we recommend that you go for lace front wigs, as they are much cheaper and can help you find your way around lace wigs in general. However, go for a full lace wig if you want a wider styling option.

Lastly, consider quality above quantity. You want to buy a wig that won't make you regret your choice. So, buy from a reputable store and rock your wig beautifully.


Do lace front wigs look fake?

No, they don't. Lace front wigs are one of the most natural-looking wigs in the market. They make your wigs appear natural, giving your edges a beautiful look. But some may not appear as realistic as you would expect. It is due to the quality of the wig.

Can a lace front wig fall off?

No, it can't. A properly installed lace front wig should not fall off. It should be fully supported by the glue and the clips associated with the wig. So, this means it depends on how well you install your wig.

Are lace front wigs and full lace wigs suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, they are. These wig designs support comfortability and durability. So, there should be no problem wearing them every day. But make sure to care for and maintain them. They can last long if you do so.

How do lace front wigs stay on?

Making your lace front wig stay on your head should not be a problem. The typical way is to install your wig using a wig adhesive to keep it glued to your hairline. Also, use the band attached to the wig for further assistance.

Can you wear lace front wigs and full lace wigs in different hairstyles?

As we've mentioned a few times in this article, you can. The lace front wig and full lace wigs offer a wide variety of styling options, making it possible to wear as much style as you'll love to wear. However, you're limited with your options with a lace front wig.

Are full lace wigs comfortable?

Yes. Full lace wigs are one of the most comfortable wigs you can wear, even more comfortable than lace front wigs. Since the lace covers the entire part of the wig, they make it breathable, supporting comfort.

Can you sleep in a full lace wig?

You can. But while you might find it tempting to do so, we don't recommend you sleep on your wig. It can cause your wigs to tangle.

Are lace front wigs and full lace wigs suitable for individuals with sensitive scalps?

Of course, they are. Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are made with breathable materials, making them comfortable on the head. They also make sure you don’t get irritated.

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