How To Travel With Your Wigs?

how to travel with your wigs

Undoubtedly, we all try to travel with our favorite accessories and clothes. While it can be very tasking to decide what to bring, and how to pack them, we end up packing, organizing them correctly, and getting most of them.

We would love you to say that for your wig collection as well.

Suppose you've always wanted to travel with a wig but question the possibility of bringing one on your trip, and how you'll travel with it, welldon'tThat's because you can. It can be hard to let go of a wig you've planned or love to wear at your destination.

So, this article will provide answers to some burning questions relating to how to travel with a wig, whether you want to pack a synthetic wig or human hair wigYou'll get to pack your favorite wig with you for your travels, and do it right.

Ready? Let's go!

How Do You Travel With A Wig?

How Do You Travel With A Wig

Traveling with a wig is easy. However, you can only travel safely and unpack a nice in-shape wig if you pack it properly. This means you need to be thorough with your packing. You don't want it squished and tangled by the time you reach your destination.

So, how do you pack your wig?

Step 1: First, carefully turn your wig inside out and wrap the tresses inside the wig top (that's if it's a long wig). Or you can stuff the wig cap area with tissue paper if you don't want to turn it inside out. Both ways can help you preserve the shape of the wig.

Step 2: Now, use a hair net to keep everything in place. Make sure you wrap it around every part of the wig with no hair sticking out.

Step 3: Then, place it in a Ziploc bag once it's in the hair net. You can use a silk bag instead of a plastic bag if you have one.

Step 4: Once it's safe in the silk bag or the zippable plastic bag, you can include it in your luggage.

By following these four steps, you will keep your wig safe from zippers, and buttons that can cause damage to it.

Likewise, there are other ways you can keep and travel with your wig safely.

wig in wig suitcase

You could put it in a wig box. However, that can take a lot of space in your suitcase.

Or, if you've styled your wig, you could place it on a wig stand or mannequin head before putting it in your luggage.

Wig Care Products and Tools You Should Bring Along When Traveling

Wig Care Products and Tools You Should Bring Along When Traveling

Do not assume you won’t need the necessities for caring for and styling your wig while on your trip. Unless you're returning the same day, pack up these essentials below. They'll keep your wig looking fresh, healthy, and beautiful like it should.

1. Wig Adhesive (optional)

Wig Adhesive

lace front wig will need a wig adhesive to give it a natural look. So that makes it the first necessity to pack if you will be styling a lace front wig for your vacation.

Wig adhesives are usually in small bottles. You can easily fit one into your hair essential bag for your trip. Choose best wig glue for your needs.

If you plan to travel with a glueless wig, you can skip this one.

2. A Wide-tooth comb

a wide tooth comb

Taking along a wide tooth comb for your wig is like taking a toothbrush for your teeth. It's important and shouldn't be skipped, especially if your wig is straight.

You can pack other wig brushes along as well. They won't damage your wig but help it to stay tangle-free.

Use them to brush your wig and natural hair immediately after you remove your wig from your head for upkeep.

3. Curling Iron or Straightener (optional)

Curling Iron or Straightener

Pack a curling iron or straightener to style your wig during your trip. Whichever one will make your hair easy to style and look gorgeous for your outings. You can go for a mini straightener if your trip is short.

But if you bring several pre-styled wigs, you may not need these. 

4. Wig Stand

Wig Stand

A wig stand will help you maintain your hair while on vacation. So, once you arrive and unpack, make sure you do the same for your wig.

Remove it from the bag and gently place it on a wig stand. You can also leave it in the bag. But, it'll be better to use a wig stand for longer trips.

You can consider getting a portable wig stand mainly for your travels. That way, it's easy to carry along with no issue.

5. Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Away on a long trip with no wig shampoo and conditioner will put your wig in a bad state. You want to make sure to pack your wig's shampoo and conditioner. That’s in case you need some.

While you may be considering using the shampoo and conditioner provided by your hotelit's a terrible idea. Regular formulated shampoos and conditioners are not for wigs. They can damage them.

It's better to pack yours.

You can pour a little bit of your products into small bottles so you don't bring large containers on your trip. Portable containers are easy to pack and dispose of once you're done with them.

6. Other Wig Essentials

Other Wig Essentials

There's a need to pack more hair nets in case one breaks.

  • Remember that a hair net can maintain your wig for a long time. So, do well to pack generously.
  • Hair clips, a wig grip headband, tape, and fashionable headbands are other essentials you'll need.
  • Clips can assist you in holding your hair in place when styling. Your fashionable headbands can match your outfits for some occasions. And on days you'd like to participate in a physical activity, these headbands will come in handy.
  • Satin cap and elastic band can secure your wig while sleeping, so consider to taking them if you plan to sleep in your wig.

Think of other hair essentials you may need on your trip and pack them. You might probably need more. It all depends on how long your trip is.

Packing and Care Tips

Packing and Care Tips

✨Comb generously before your pack: Packaging a disorganized wig leaves you with a lot of mess by the time you arrive at your destination. So, brush your hair before deciding to store it.

✨Write out your information and place it on the luggage your wig is in.

✨Make use of some clips: most people are afraid to pack their wigs inside a suitcase because they think it won't hold the style. If that's you, use some clips and bobby pins to hold the style in place.

✨Use scarves during outdoor activities.

✨Wear your wig to the airport: you can travel with your wig easily by wearing it. However, take it off when you're about to sleep on the plane. That way, you're sure it's not getting tangled.

✨As we've earlier mentioned in the previous section, avoid using regular shampoos and conditioners. They can cause build-up, strip your wig of oil, and damage its fibers.

✨When the sun is scorching, wear a hat for protection.


1. Which wig should I take to travel?

Synthetic wigs are easier to take than human hair wigs. But if you desire gorgeous and natural-looking wigs like human hair wigs, consider a v/u part wig, a closure wig, and a throw-on-and-go pre-everything wig, all of them are easy to install and style.

When choosing hair textures, curly wigs are easier to style than straight or wavy wigs, all you need to do is spray water on it and shake, done!

2. How often should you wash your wig on a trip?

It depends on how long your trip is and other factors. However, you're not expected to wash your wig every day or every week. You are on vacation, so enjoy your time.

As long as it's not dirty, it can stay for about a few weeks before you wash it. But if you wear it daily, consider washing it after two weeks.

3. Will my wig get damaged if I travel with it?

It won't as long as you avoid throwing your wig anyhow into your luggage.

Follow our packing tips and pack it properly. If you do so, your wig should be safe throughout your travel.

4. Will I have to take off my wig for airport security?

No, you won't need to. The machine can see through your wig like it can with your clothes. So, it's unlikely that you will need to take off your wig at the TSA security.

Still, it's best not to use many metal bobby pins at the airport to avoid raising suspicion or triggering the sensor. But whenever you are asked to take off your wig, you can request to do that privately if you find doing it publicly uncomfortable.

5. Can I bring a wig on a plane?

Of course, you can. Wearing a wig on a plane is similar to wearing an accessory or headpiece. While you may need to take it off if you want to sleep, you can wear one on a plane.

Likewise, you can store one in your hand luggage if that's what you prefer. But make sure to follow our steps on how to pack your wig to prevent it from damaging while traveling.


Your wig can make you feel fabulous during your trip. Do not miss out on experiencing that joy because you doubt you can take proper care of it while on vacation.

With our tips and steps, pack your wig for your trip, care for it, and have a wonderful time looking gorgeous with your wig.

Do you have any further questions on how to travel with a wig? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, if we missed any tips, kindly inform us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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