17 Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Black Women

16 Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Black Women

Managing your hair can be challenging, especially if you are a black woman with coils, curls, and kinks that can quickly become unmanageable. Achieving the perfect style can take a long time, and even when you do, you may dread having to redo your hair the next day. However, there are still many hairstyles that can help reduce your stress levels when it comes to getting ready each day.

So, if you are struggling, know that you're not alone, and there are ways to make your hair more low-maintenance. Discover 16 hairstyles that balance ease and fashion, no matter the length of your hair. So, whether you have short, long, or medium hair, you will find a suitable style that complements your look. Let's get started!

1. Wash and Go Long Curly Hair

long curly hair

Natural curly hair can enhance a woman's appearance by adding volume, texture, and personality to any style. With naturally long curly hair, you can choose to wear low-maintenance yet trendy styles that suit different occasions. A classic high updo is perfect for formal events, while a messy bun is ideal for casual settings. These styles are easy to create and can be worn daily to fit a busy lifestyle.

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2. Mini Twist Ponytail

As an African American woman, you know that maintaining healthy hair can be a challenge. But don't worry - we've got a solution! Mini twists are a fantastic way to protect your delicate locks from damage and breakage. Perfect for women who have short natural hair. Although they do require a bit of time commitment, the results are worth it.

Mini Twist Ponytail

Mini twists effectively seal in moisture, giving you a luscious, shiny finish that will make heads turn. They're also low-maintenance, so you can enjoy your new look for weeks to come. Give them a try during your natural hair journey, and you won't regret it.

3. Short Weave Hairstyle

Are you tired of spending countless hours styling your hair every morning? It might be time to give your locks a well-deserved break by trying a short sew-in hair weave. Not only does it offer protection and low maintenance, but it also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to styling. 

short weave hairstyles

Whether you prefer your hair straight or curly, weaves provide endless options for experimenting with different shades and textures. From a work meeting to a night out with friends, this trendy sew in bob weave style is perfect for any occasion. So why not mix it up and try something new? You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

4. Long Straight Ready To Wear Wig

long straight ready to wear human hair wig

Sometimes you just want to try a long & silk hairstyle, a wig is a great way to help you out. They allow you to change your hairstyle with ease. But for most newbies to wigs, installing a wig may be a big challenge. But ready-to-wear wigs are super beginner friendly, it comes with pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline. And it is a kind of glueless wig, no glue or gel is needed during the installation.

5. Flat Twist Up-Dos

Flat Twist Up-Dos

Unleash your inner hair goddess with flat twist up-dos! Ditch your everyday look and spice things up with these timeless and chic hairstyles. Perfect for a fancy soirée or a day of running errands, the sleek and polished twists will keep you looking put together no matter the occasion.

Plus, the low-maintenance style means you can focus on more important things while still rocking a head-turning look. Say farewell to boring hair days and hello to effortless pizzazz with flat twist up-dos.

6. Smooth Haircut with Color Highlights

Smooth Haircut with Color Highlights

Achieving a flawless and trendy hairstyle for long hair can be quite a challenge. But worry not, as there is a simple solution that will elevate your look and turn heads. How about a sleek haircut with some bold and beautiful hair highlights?

Whether you opt for subtle or daring tones, natural hair or a wig, this chic style will not only add pizzazz to your appearance but also make it effortless to maintain. Say goodbye to unruly and unkempt long hair and hello to fabulousness!

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7. Space Buns

For those looking for a fun and adventurous hairstyle that doubles as protection for natural hair, space buns are a go-to option. This unique and edgy style adds an extra level of pizzazz to any look while also keeping hair healthy and shielded from damage.

space buns

Combining space buns with glossy twists is a match made in heaven, especially for those experiencing the frustrating "awkward" hair length phase. Looking to take it up a notch? Don't forget about face-framing twists to make a statement. It seems there's no way to go wrong with this versatile hairstyle.

8. Shoulder-Length Curls

Attention all beautiful black women! It's time to find the go-to hairstyle that will make you look and feel amazing. Get ready to embrace the shoulder-length curls! The perfect balance between short and long, this classic style is easy to maintain yet looks super chic.

Shoulder-Length Curls

No need to spend hours styling your hair - simply wash, air dry (or use a diffuser), and add a curl-defining product. And if you're feeling extra fabulous, why not add some golden highlights for a touch of glam? Trust us; you'll love just how effortless and versatile this look can be. Say hello to your new favorite hairstyle!

9.Short Wavy Quick Weave Hairstyle

short wavy quick weave hairstyle

Upgrade your hairstyle game with an edgy, modern flair! Want an instant hair transformation without compromising on length or texture? Short quick weaves are the perfect solution! By seamlessly blending in extensions, you'll achieve a chic, layered look that oozes volume and bounce.

To take things up a notch, you can toss in a few layers of color for a truly elevated and effortless appearance. Don't be afraid to switch things up and try something new - give this trend-setting and protective hairstyle a go!

10. Side Parted Curls

Side Parted Curls

Selecting the proper style might assist older black females in turning heads and walking with confidence. Brushing your hair and avoiding knots are essential for achieving a long, lustrous appearance.

You can easily wear any style, whether you're strolling on the beach or in your neighborhood, with a little effort and a good mindset. This side-parted style is suitable for both formal and informal situations and is simple to achieve.

11. Large Puff and Swirling Braid

Transform your hair into an enviable afro glam with a simple yet sophisticated style that will leave people in awe. This look comes in handy for special events where you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Large Puff and Swirling Braid

Simply create a side parting and loosely braid your hair while considering the full length. Finish off by pulling your hair into a generous puff just above your ear and securing it with bobby pins. The trick here is to tie the braid's end with an elastic while maintaining a big puff. Spritz some hairspray, fluff up the back, and voila, you're good to go!

12. '70s Shag Cut

'70s Shag Cut

Consider trying the classic '70s shag cut if you have wavy or curly hair. This hairstyle is layered and timeless, allowing your hair to maintain its shape while growing out.

It is also easy to style - you can straighten, curl, or leave your hair with its natural waves. This low-maintenance option is sure to turn heads and give you a fashionable look. So don't be afraid to try something new and take a step back in time - your hair will appreciate it.

13. Straight Lob

Looking for a way to switch up your hairstyle without sacrificing the convenience of low-maintenance hair? Look no further than the straight lob - a modern twist on the classic lob that's perfect for black women. This versatile look allows you to express your unique style without spending endless hours perfecting your hair.

Straight Lob

To get the look, simply blow-dry your hair straight, then define the edges with a flat iron for a sleek finish. The result? A sassy and sophisticated hairstyle that's sure to turn heads. Go ahead and rock it with confidence - you're sure to feel ready to take on anything!

14. Short Tight Curls

Embrace your inner confidence with a new hairstyle that's both chic and effortless. Say hello to the short and tight curls look - a beautiful combination of cute and stylish spiral-shaped curls that will perfectly accentuate your features.

Short Tight Curls

This versatile style works flawlessly as an everyday look that can be easily dressed up or down, adding an extra dose of sophistication for any occasion. Best of all, it's extremely low-maintenance and requires minimal styling, making it a breeze to manage on those busy wash days. Get ready to turn heads, stand out, and flaunt your unique style with this trendy and daring hairstyle!

15. Curly Shag

Do you feel like it's time to switch things up and make a bold statement with your look? The curly shag might just be the hairstyle for you! With its ample layers and bouncy curls, this style adds volume, fullness, and structure without compromising on convenience or low maintenance.

Curly Shag

Whether you want to wear it up or down for a more casual look, the curly shag is extremely versatile and sure to turn heads. Don't be surprised if people start asking who your hairstylist is!

16. Straight Layered Pixie Cut

Straight Layered Pixie Cut

If you want a hairstyle that leaves a lasting impression, the classic straight-layered pixie cut is hard to beat.

This style is easy to maintain with regular appointments with a skilled stylist and requires only a flat iron or blow dryer for minimal morning upkeep. Embrace your keen fashion sense with this timeless look that is bound to have people admiring your chic style. So go ahead, show off your new haircut, and make a bold statement wherever you go!

17. Silk Scarf Updo

Effortlessly elevate your hair game with the chic silk scarf updo. Not only will it keep your hair looking fresh, but it will also add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Silk Scarf Updo

Simply grab your favorite silk scarf and wrap it loosely around a ponytail holder. Secure the ends with bobby pins for a secure fit that lasts all day. In just a few easy steps, you can achieve an elegant hairstyle that's perfect for any occasion. So go ahead and rock this protective yet fashionable look with the confidence of a true fashionista!

In a Nutshell

Gone are the days of being held hostage by demanding hairstyles! A new era is dawning, ready to give black women more control and confidence over their hair. And so, we bid farewell to fussy hair.

Taking our mantra from the 17 low-maintenance hairstyles for Black women presented here- embrace the freedom, flexibility, and versatility of short or long looks that don't require a lot of time and effort. Embrace the opportunity to show up as your most confident best - with no fuss! So ladies, let's all go ahead and do just as this blog states: Say Goodbye to Fussy Hair!

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