4C Edges Wig-Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to wearing a wig, the most important thing is to make the wig invisible and look realistic. To make the wig as natural as possible, people come up with many ideas to upgrade wigs. Like using real human hair material, pre-plucked the hairline, bleach knots, and adopting HD lace to help match all skin tones. 

These days, a new wig type comes out, specially designed for black women-4C Edges Wig, which is also called an afro kinky edges wig. If you still have no idea about what is a 4c kinky edges wig, keep reading this blog, we will give you a complete guide about everything you need to know about 4C edges, follow me to learn more. Now, let's get started!

4c edges wig

Alright, before we dive into the exact meaning of a 4c edge wig, we need to figure out another thing. What is 4c? What does 4c stand for? In one word, 4c is a kind of natural hair type.

Different Natural Hair Types

In general, natural hair types can be divided into four categories: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky(coily). Each category has its own sub-types. When talking about natural hair, most of the time we mean type 4, kinky(coily) hair, and 4c hair is a kind of kinky hair.

natural hair type chart

Type 1: Straight-Straight hair with no curls

Straight hair type is the strongest natural hair type. They have natural luster, and normally look more smooth than curly hair types as the oil from your scalp travels more quickly. In addition, they tend to be hard to curl unless you use chemical treatments for permanent results.

Type 2: Wavy-With no complete curls, range from beachy wave to loose curls

2A: 2A hair is much closer to a straight texture, with a slight bend. This type of hair can be easily straightened or given more waves with the proper product.

2a 2b 2c hair

2B: 2B hair is mostly straight at the roots and forms into waves toward the middle of your length. It has a medium texture and is a little frizzier than 2A. From luscious waves to sleek hair, there are endless hairstyles that can be achieved with 2B hair.

2C: 2C hair has apparent S-shaped patterns and hair strands are much more coarse than 2A and 2B, prone to dryness and frizz.

Type 3: Curly-With definite “S” shaped curl pattern, range from looser to tighter ringlets

3A: 3A hair has large, bouncy curls. This texture sports well-defined curls with a spiral or ringlet shape.

type 3 natural hair

3B: 3B hair straddles the happy medium between 3a and 3c hair, made up of well-defined, spiral curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. It is usually voluminous and fuller.

3C: 3C hair is made up of well-defined, tight corkscrews or coils with lots of strands densely packed together, this hair type can bring volume to give you tons of body and movement.

Type 4: Kinky- With definite “Z” shaped curl pattern, range from tight ringlet to a kinky, coily texture

Type 4 hair is characterized by a kinky Afro hair texture ranging from tight coils to Z-angled coils. This Afro hair category, as largely seen in the curl pattern of black people, is naturally very dry and wiry, making it very fragile. 

4A: 4A hair is the most common hair texture among black women. Looks similar to 3C hair. Feature small and tight coils that resemble a "Z" pattern. Unlike other curl patterns that may start mid-length, this coily texture begins at the scalp and continues through the ends. 

4B: 4B hair strands are so tight and there are less defined curl patterns. Unlike other curled hair, 4B hair tends to bend in sharp angles instead of curling. Very soft and fragile.

4C: 4C hair is the tightest of all curls, this type of natural hair is as densely packed as 4B hair but with less definition and more shrinkage.

What Is Edges Hair?

edges hair

Edges hair is the hair along your hairline - normally refers to the front and sides. It's called "edges" because these hair are situated around the edges of your hairline. Which is also known as baby hairs or swooping edgesEdges hair is often more delicate than the rest of your hair and can be easily damaged. To save your hairline and make you feel as natural as possible, 4c edges wigs appear.

What Is 4C Edges Wig?

4c edges wig means a human hair wig with a 4c afro kinky edges.

4c afro kinky edges wig

This is a featured wig for black women who have curled natural hair. These wigs come with natural 4c afro kinky baby hairs along the hairline to complete the most natural hairline on a wig. 4c edges can blend well with your scalp seamlessly.

Why Does 4C Edges Wig Become Trendy?

For many women, hair is their pride and joy. From straight and fine to thick and curly, every girl’s hair is beautiful in its own way. Edges play a huge part in how your style comes out - they can easily take your look from frumpy to all-out glam. There is no doubt 4c edges hair wig can be a good option for many reasons.

1. Realistic

4c kinky hairline wigs are equipped with 4c babe hair, mimicking 4c hairline, giving the illusion the hair grows from your scalp. Nobody will doubt you are wearing a wig. Whether you use them when heading out on a hot date or looking fierce for a special event, 4c edges wig can be a good help.

2. Made of 100% human hair 

4c edge wigs are made of premium virgin human hair, very soft and durable, and can be restyled and dyed like your own hair. 4c hairline wigs can last over one year with proper care.

3. Hd lace blend well with all skin tones

As we all know, hd lace is the best lace material with the softest touch and the most natural appearance. Undetectable hd lace 4c edges wig can blend well with all skin tones, whether you have cool skin tones or warm skin tones, light skin tones, or dark skin tones.

4. Beginner Friendly

4c edges wigs are easy to install, you can wear them glueless. Even newbies can wear this wig effortlessly.

How To Slay Your 4C Edges Babe Hair On 4C Edges Wig

Tools you need:

Toothbrush or edges brush


Small scissor(optional)

A silk scarf

Blow dryer

Step 1: Finish your wig install and style your wig

Before styling 4c edges on 4c edges wig, the first thing you need to do is install your wig with the correct method. Make sure your wig is done and confirm the hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking a high bun, half up half down, braid, or something entirely different go ahead and style your wig.

Step 2(optional): Cut and pluck your 4c edges babe hair


4c edges wigs come with thick and long enough(4c babe hair looks short before wetting and styling) 4c babe hair, to satisfy different demands. If you prefer subtle babe hair, you can cut the babe hair with a small scissor, to the length you want. And you can also pluck some of them to get thin edges.

Step 3: Moisturize the edges

apply gel on the edges

Apply gel, strong edges control gel or other holding product to your edges. Be generous with the product, because if you don't use enough, you won't get the sleekness or hold you need for a good result.

Step 4: Define the curls

Now it's time to define the beautiful curls for your edges babe hair. Place the brush on top of the roots of your 4c edges and work your way forward, turning the brush as needed to create swoops and swirls. 

use tooth brush to define the edges shape

Use your fingers to hold your edges down whenever you change directions with the toothbrush/edges brush. If it did not achieve the perfect shape you want, use the end of the rat tail comb to gently adjust the edges until you get the result you crave. (Be patient with the whole process, if it is your first time to slay babe hair, it can be a challenge to get a perfect result. practice more, and you can slay it).

Step 5: Wrap your edges and let them dry

wrap your edges with silk scarf

Wrap your edges with a silk scarf and tie it tightly. Wait until the gel dries. It may take 15-30 minutes in general. You can also choose to use a blow dryer with the proper temperature setting. After the edges dry, take off the scarf.

Hermosa Hair 4C Edges Wig Review


5 Inspirational Ways to Style Your Edges


swipy and sleek


swooping edges hair

side part curly edges


edges on double ban


edges with long braid hair

Final Thought

So there are many ways to play with hair edges, it is worth to invest a 4c edges wig. Try switching up your look with this new trending 4c hairline wig, whether you want a lace front wig or a closure wig, Hermosa hair can meet your demand. There is a wide range of hair textures of 4c edges wig, from straight, body wave, to deep wave, curly, and kinky straight, check out now!

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