How To Start A Hair Business?

With E-Commercial developing at a high speed, more and more people attend to shopping for wigs or hair extensions online since there are cheaper prices in online stores with more choices, and international logistics can ship all around the world within 3-5 business days. Many women who are passionate about hair or wigs may consider starting their own business and selling wigs but have no idea where to start. 

Like where to get the hair source, how to contact the shipping company, and how to grow my hair business. One of the easiest ways to start selling wigs is to set up a business online because you don't need to hire employees or invest too much, you can even do drop shipping if you like.

Start-up costs are often much lower than traditional physical businesses. But how to start? In this blog, we will give you a clear guide to starting your hair business, ready to start your own business? let's get started!

How To Start Your Hair Business-Step By Step

Step 1: Choose products you are ready to sell

human hair bundles

There is a variety of hair types in the market, human hair like Remy hair, virgin hair, and synthetic hair like acrylic, and nylon. But in terms of lifespan and applicability, human hair is more sought after by people.

Human hair can be used to make extensions, braids, custom wigs, and hair pieces. Since human hair is a coveted commodity with widespread usage, learning how to start a business selling human hair can be a profitable business.

Step 2: Learning hair knowledge

hair color

Before starting your hair business, you must know the difference between different hair extensions and wigs. There are plenty, like Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, lace front wigs, closure wigs, 360 wigs, full lace wigs, headband wigs, v part wigs, u part wigs, and 4c edges wigs.

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You can do some research on google or visit some online hair store's blog pages. In addition, you need to know the proper terminology of the wig industry. Here we prepare a chart of basic knowledge about hair densitytexturelengthcolor, and materials. You can check them out here.

Hair Density 130%, 150%, 180%, 220%
Hair Texture Straight, body wave, loose wave, loose deep wave, deep wave, water wave, kinky curly, kinky straight
Hair Length 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40"
Hair Color Natural Black, 1B, 613 Blonde, Honey Blonde, 99j Burgundy, Highlight Color, Ombre Color, Money Piece, Balayage, Skunk Stripe, Chocolate Brown.
Hair Material

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that's never been chemically treated or dyed

Remy hair is human ponytail hair with the cuticle in one direction, but it can be dyed or treated hair

Non-Remy hair is hair that is collected from the floor of temples, salons, and random suppliers.

Step 3: Choose A Best Hair Vendor/Supplier 

Choosing a reliable factory vendor is one of the most important steps in your new hair business. To ensure the stable and healthy development of your online business, the quality of hair extensions and wigs is very important. Thus, the key is to choose a reliable supplier. 

hair factory

In this case, it's better to choose a supplier who has a hair factory, because it will be more flexible to improve hair quality, and most of the hair factories own their hairstylist which can lead to a new fashion trend in the wig industry. In our before blog, we do a list of "the best wig companies", you can refer if needed.

What Is A Good Hair Vendor/Supplier?

1. Best price. A good hair vendor can provide you with high-quality hair at the lowest wholesale price. This can not only save you costs but also help develop your hair business faster.


2. Quality assurance. Whether you are in bulk hair wholesale or a small amount of procurement, a good hair vendor can always provide you with the best cost-effective products to ensure your customer satisfaction.

premium quality human hair bundles

3. Own a hair factory. Having the ability to provide a large number of products and customized products is another feature of a good hair vendor. When you have a big order that exceeds the usual quantity or a product that needs to meet the special needs of your customers, a good supplier should support you at any time.

4. Deliver packages quickly and respond quickly. No matter when, except for force majeure, please make sure you can easily contact the hair vendor when you need, and place your order on time.

Now that we have known what is a great hair vendor, then how can we find a good hair supplier?

How To Find A Good Hair Vendor?

1. Do much research and make a shortlist

There are tons of wholesale hair vendors in the market, and many people select hair vendors from Aliexpress or Alibaba cause there are so many brands that gather. Yes, various hair suppliers can be found there, but that also makes it hard to figure out which vendor is the best for you.

Thus, it is essential to do much research. Do not focus only on Alibaba or Aliexpress, on these platforms, there are too many bad vendors mixed. Also do some research on Google and social medium like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

search online

The most effective way is to check if they set up their online websites. Browse through their sites and check the brand information and brand history, normally they will mention when they build the brand and if they have a physical factory. Narrow up your selection and do a shortlist.

2. Get to know the selected hair vendors

When you have the hair vendor on your shortlist, visit their website and pay attention to the quality of the information on the seller’s website. The best quality of human hair always comes from hair suppliers who know the hair well and do not trust these websites only filled with celebrity pictures. 

Check their blog page. If they seem very knowledgeable, they have invested more time into perfecting their business, and you can spend more time with them as well because it means they take the hair business and industry seriously.

3. Visit the wholesale page and contact the seller

Normally there will be a wholesale contact on the site, you can call or send an email to get the detailed price of the hair bundles and wig. Also, if you have any doubts or problems, the hair suppliers can answer and help you out.

4. Confirm if there will be an after-sale service

Is there a guarantee of the product? What are their terms of sales and aftersales? This is a vital problem to confirm if the hair vendor offers after-sale service, this can ensure your business is more stable if your customers have any problem with the hair quality, like requiring a return or refund. Normally this information will be presented on the website if they are a reliable hair vendor.

5. Ask for a hair sample order

Throughout the before steps, we can narrow up your hair vendor list to 3-5. It is necessary to make a sample order to test the hair quality. You can order straight and body wave hair texture to do the test. The test includes curling the hair, perming the hair, coloring the hair, and washing the hair to check if it can hold curls well.

human hair samples

Samples are a great way to get a sense of the quality. If you’re happy with the test result, place a small order to check if the hair is the same quality as the sample. If the quality is the same as the sample, you will feel more confident placing a larger order.

To help you choose a good hair vendor better, here we prepare a list of the best Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors List.

Wholesale Hair Vendors & Suppliers List

1. Unice


3. Beauty Forever

4. Hairvivi

5. Cynosure hair

Step 4: Confirm your purchase list

When starting your own hair business, what you sell is the most important. The key is to catch fashion trends. As we all know, whether human hair extensions or wigs, the hair trend come fast and disappear fast. You can stock some class styles that will never out like natural black human hair wigs and hair bundles, bob wigs, and headband wigsn .

top bun hairstyle

Pay attention to the fashion trends in some fashion magazines or social media. Now TikTok and YouTube are the fastest ways to get the new trends. In addition, follow some celebrities' Instagram to improve fashion sensitivity.

Step 5: Promote your business on social media

If you sell your human hair wigs or hair extensions online, set up and post frequently to social media accounts. Also, start a blog that provides hair-styling tips, or post ads on forums and websites frequented by your target customers.

Step 6: Decide your business logo and customize the product package(optional)

If you are planning to do a long-term development with your hair business, it is best to have brand sense. An exclusive brand logo is necessary. You can also do your brand customize product package which can improve customers' shopping experience and increase brand awareness.


So that's all the details about how to start a hair business online. Nowadays, the hair business is getting more and more popular, making starting a hair business online more effective. Follow this guide to start your human hair business right now!

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