Top 10 Hairstyles For Black Women With Big Nose

Hairstyles For Black Women With Big Nose

Are you searching for hairstyles you can wear as a black woman with big nose? You are in the right place.

As women, we go far and wide to feel accepted by people and society, as far as undergoing surgery to reduce a certain part of ourselves. But the truth remains that every part of our features makes us who we are, whether our small eyes, sharp jaw, or big nose.

Speaking of the nose, in this article, we gathered hairstyles that complement black women with big noses. These hairstyles will take emphasis away from your nose, praise it, and flatter it.

10 Best Hairstyles for Black Women with Big Nose

1. Short Haircuts and Bob Hairstyles

Short Haircuts and Bob Hairstyles

Short haircuts and bob hairstyles offer you the best for your big nose and overall facial features. While you should avoid rocking pixies (if you want to keep your features softer), lean more toward the textured and asymmetrical bob.

These hairstyles will make your nose appear smaller while framing your face perfectly. The asymmetrical bob will surely draw away attention, and the textured bobs will leave you speechless every time.

Tips: Apart from avoiding too short hairstyles, your bobs should not be too straight. You can go for some layers to add dimension or choose to include waves.

2. Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe

What other way will you flaunt your other facial features than to emphasize them with a fringe? Oh yes, the side-swept fringe is the one for the job. It takes the focus from the nose and highlights your eyes and cheekbones. Your features will become softer with the fringe, making your face appear oval.

So, choose any hairstyle you feel comfortable with and add side-swept bangs. You can get a regular bob with side-swept bangs or rock your long tresses with it. You can even wear these styles with wigs. Maybe rock the bob today and wear the long wig the following day.

Just do you. Make sure the wig style compliments you and makes you feel comfortable.

3. Layered Hairstyle

Layers in your hair will help soften your features. They will put your eyes and lips on the front line and ensure your nose is less prominent. But the mystery it gives to your appearance is even better.

It will make you attractive by adding movement and volume to your hair. So, whether you choose straight layered hairstyles or add waves, it will work wonders in making your nose not the center of attention.

4. Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part

The deep side part is a drama hairstyle you would love adding to your hair, suitable for all hair lengths, and offers more movement.

So, choose a deep side part with your favorite hairstyle and look amazing. The side part will shift the look off the center of your face and focus on the sides of your face.

It's similar to the magic asymmetrical bobs do. They both take the attention off your nose and balance your features. And with one side looking fuller than the other, your facial features will become softer.

So, rock a deep side part. You can go with bob hairstyles or choose a longer-length hairstyle with the deep side part. You will have yourself to thank later.

5. Teased Hairstyle

Teased Hairstyle

Who would have thought teased hairstyle would be on our list? Well, it is. And before you think we don't get it, yes, we get it. We get that your hair is away from your face, but not to worry, teased hairstyles are more capable than you imagine.

They can be distracting, shifting the focus from your nose. Instead, they place attention on the volume and texture of your hair. Since it's a bold and glamorous hairstyle due to all the volume and height, there's no problem with that.

All you need to do is work on achieving the perfect teased hairstyle. Remember, it's all about volume. So, get your elastic bands and tie your hair into a messy bun. You want to ensure it's full and sits around the crown of your head. Lastly, add a few strands around your face.

6. Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids are very versatile and suitable for most face shapes and features. They easily complement appearances and give their wearers a stylish look. But the best part of wearing box braids is that they protect the natural hair. It means apart from rocking a hairstyle that complements your big nose and features, you can retain hair length and keep it safe.

Before the braiding starts, choose your desired braid length and color. We recommend blonde or light extensions for a dramatic and stunning effect. That's if you'd love a good contrast with your skin or want a striking appearance. Regarding the length, you can go with whatever you desire.

7. Soft Waves and Curly Hair

Soft Waves and Curly Hair

Add waves or curls to your hair to make your features smaller. Your nose, eyes, and other features will appear softened, giving you the perfect balance you need.

In case you're wondering how that is possible, what the waves or curls do to your hair is to widen your face since it's fuller and thick. The curls will effortlessly add the missing piece, making you elegant.

To achieve this hairstyle, you may need a curling iron, hairspray, and curling cream.  However, the products you use to style your hair depends on the curls or waves you want.

8. Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut could be your first choice if you love an edgy and wild style. We recommend this hairstyle to older women since it adds a playful, youthful, and modern touch to your look. The layers of the hair help balance your features, and the finishing perfects everything.

You could even go for a softer version of the wolf cut by adding longer layers. It will give you a casual and relaxed look.

Getting the wolf cut on 4c hair type might be hard, especially if it's not relaxed and long. However, you could opt for wigs customized in this way. Just make sure you get an experienced stylist to do the cutting for you.

For women with curly hair, please don't be discouraged. You can likewise choose to wear the wolf cut. It's not limited to a particular hair type. Your curls even make it better.

9. Bangs


Make your nose appear visually delicate by adding bangs to your hairstyle. It's not just any bangs, it's long and voluminous bangs.

For the longest time, bangs have been interesting, elevating looks and complementing features. It's a style that takes the boringness away and makes your hairstyle something of the season.

The long, voluminous ones will remove the emphasis from your nose and make you look stunning. From layered to curtain and side-swept, there are different long bangs you can choose to rock. However, make sure to stay away from the short ones. They draw attention to your nose and emphasize it.

10. Face Framing

Face Framing

Choose some face-framing pieces and do away with sleek ponytails. The sleek ponytails emphasize your features, but if that's what you want, go ahead.

However, face-framing pieces help to avoid elongating your features. Instead, the pieces soften your features and take the attention from a particular feature. Your big nose won't be the subject of attention if you go for hairstyles that frame your face.

Some face-framing hairstyles you'll love are the shaggy lob, collarbone bob with bangs, long face-framing layers, and layered curls.

Helpful Tips as a Black Woman with a Big Nose

In this section, let's see a few tips to help you choose your hairstyles.

Consider Bold Hairstyles

Surprisingly, there are hairstyles you may want to avoid wearing because they will accentuate your nose, but those hairstyles would suit your features. Hairstyles like ponytails and pixie cuts are a few. They will accentuate your features since they are away from your face. However, they won't focus only on one. They will draw attention to your jaw, eyes, and cheekbones.

If you're not confident about hairstyles like the pixie cut, you can start with the wolf cut, then gradually lessen the length till you can wear the pixie cut.

Avoid Short and Sharp Bangs

Short and blunt bangs will appear harsh with your features. Instead, as mentioned in this article, go for long and voluminous bangs. They'll complement your face and draw attention to other facial features. You can even make them wispy to soften your features further.

That’s it! These tips will help you decide on what looks are best for you and suit you perfectly.

Final Words

Although we’ve listed some hairstyles for black women with big noses in this article, we hope you can wear whatever hairstyle you choose confidently, embracing who you are and choosing yourself above whatever people might say.

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