What Does 613 Mean In Hair?

When buying hair extensions or wigs online, there are always numbers like 613, 27, and 30 in product titles. Some newbies may ask, what does that mean? If you are interested in learning more, check our before blog to learn all the details about the 27 Color and 30 Color. In this blog, I will give you the ultimate guide to 613 Hair Color. So

What Is 613 Hair Color

The number 613, sometimes given as ‘#613’, is actually a reference to the color code of the blonde hair. In other words, the 613 is used to denote the exact color code of the hair being sold, so as to give buyers an idea about the product on sale. When we refer to 613 hair wigs or 613 hair extensions, we are referring to the wigs that are made up of blonde/light blonde colored hair, which is the most popular shade of blonde. This warm, sun-kissed blonde is much warmer with a charming golden-yellow undertone. 

613 blonde wig straight

It is essential to understand more about hair color. For example, #27/613 means denotes blonde hair #27 mixed with platinum hair #613 in the same strand or weft. Brown #6/10 follows the same principle: the strand includes a certain proportion of colors #6 and #10.

What Are 613 Blonde Wigs? 

Nowadays, there are many colored wigs available on the hair market, 613 blonde wigs have become one of the most popular colored wigs women chase, no matter what kind of skin tones they have. The 613 wig is a stunning blonde color wig available in both human hair and synthetic hair.

613 blonde wig body wave

613 human hair wigs are blonde wigs made from 100% human hair, giving you a realistic appearance. A real human hair wig is a prudent long-term investment compared to a synthetic wig. It can be restyled and can last at least one year with proper care.

613 Wig Types

613 lace front wig

4/613 ombr body wave wig

Lace front wigs come with a sheer lace base covering the scalp in front, giving you a complete and visible hairline, giving you a realistic look. This 4/613 blonde ombre lace front wig definitely gives what it suppose to give.

Lace frontal wigs are typically lighter and more comfortable than regular wigs. 613 blonde lace front wigs offer more possibilities to style your hair. Blonde frontal wigs are chosen by those who want to change the color and texture of their natural hair. These wigs are superior because of their lustrous hairline.

613 lace closure wig

Closure wig is a classic and basic style for women, very easy and convenient to install, and friendly for beginners. Always come with a 4x4 or 5x5 lace closure in front. The blonde closure wig is suitable for daily use and occasions since it produces a natural look that perfectly complements the wearer’s head. Perfect for those who might have flaws they want to cover. 

613 360 wig

613 blonde 360 frontal wig

A 360 wig is a circle of lace frontal which can cover your head from one edge to another edge, it covers a circle of your head. This means you can part the hair anywhere you desire, more versatile than lace front wigs, but the price will be more expensive since it used more lace.

613 headband wig

Headband wigs become trending these years due to their versatile and affordable price. No glue is used in the whole installation process and it is also called "throw on and go wig" since you can finish the installation within 3-5 minutes even if you never install a wig before.

A silk headband in front gives you a natural look and you can slay multi hairstyles with a 613 blonde headband wig, like half up half down, high ponytail, top bun, etc. People also choose to get different styles to match outfits by changing the style of their headbands.

Are 613 human hair wigs worth investing

Wigs have become more and more popular and have become a necessity in our daily lives. With the development of the times, more and more people tend to choose colored wigs. 613 wig is one of the most popular color human hair wigs that ladies chase for. And it is one must-have wig worth to invest for these reasons.

1 Easy To Work With

Since they are made from human hair, they can be easily styled in any way you desire. This includes everything from simple curls to complicated designs. And this holds true for both wigs as well as extensions available in this exact specification.

2 Take Dyes Well

As we all know, human hair wigs can be dyed with great results. But at the same time, a lot of them do leave much to be desired, especially in the case of darker ones. This is because the darker coloration of the base (hair strand), makes it difficult for the dye color to stand out. 

take colors well

On the contrary, the 613 blonde wigs are the light color of the base, and take colors well, allowing for the color of the dye, especially those that are darker, to stand out brilliantly.

If you love to customize hair colors, the 613 blonde human hair wig is your first choice which can take all colors well and give you a satisfactory result.

3 Countless Hairstyles

613 hair wig has a large collection of lace types, like 613 13x4 lace front wig, 13x6 lace front wig, 360 lace frontal wig, and full lace wig. The bigger the lace size of the wig is, the more hairstyles you can have. In this way, you can part the hair from anywhere you want and even complicated hairstyles can be achieved with a 613 lace front wig.

613 Blonde Wig On Dark Skin

As we all know, a 613 wig is a light color of hair, and most African Americans with dark skin may have doubts, will this blonde wig look great on me?

blonde wig on dark skin

The answer is yes! This stunning color works well on all skin tones. And it will be better if you can find your shade or even add dark roots for more of a natural flow. With 613 blonde hair, there is so much versatility that can be added to make it your own. Highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, the list is endless! There’s indeed a blonde hue out there for you, so let's find it!

The reason why 613 hair is so popular is that it can take colors very well, here we must mention how to dye your blonde hair extensions.

How To Tone 613 Blonde Hair Extensions

Sometimes when you get blonde hair extensions you may want them to be a bit cooler/icier in tone, so it is essential to learn how to tone your blonde hair bundles correctly. Hope this step-by-step tutorial can help you.

Step 1:  Fill your sink or a large plastic bowl with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Add 2-3 squirts of the toning shampoo into the water and swish the water around with your hand until it is all mixed in.

Step 3: Using a small piece of hair to test, dunk it in the water and gently massage the color into the hair. If it works accordingly, add all the hair extensions into the bowl and submerge them in the water. Pay attention to your hair extensions cause they turn cool in tone very fast. 

Step 4: When the hair color is to the tone you want, rinse the hair extensions under your tap. 

Step 5: Apply conditioner throughout each piece and leave on for about 5-10 minutes to allow hydration. Then rinse up thoroughly.

Step 6: Place your extensions on a towel and air dry.

Best 613 Wigs And Hair Bundles In Hermosa Hair

613 blonde straight wig

613 blonde straight wig

613 blonde ombre body wave wigs

613 Blonde Ombre Body Wave Wigs

blonde skunk stripe wig body wave


blonde hair bundles body wave

Blonde Hair Bundles Body Wave

ombre blonde body wave hair bundles

Ombre Blonde Body Wave Hair Bundles

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