25 Easy & Quick Hairstyles for Black Women (With Video Tutorial)

25 Easy & Quick Hairstyles for black women

Hair has held unmatched power since ancient times, making it a source of pride and beauty. But too often, there can be a sense of limits placed upon African American women's hairstyles, which is why, as hair professionals, we are passionate about providing easy and beautiful hairstyle ideas specifically designed for them. 

This article is committed to helping black sisters everywhere reach their beauty peak with 25 easy and quick hairstyles to take them routinely and stylishly from street to studio. Let's get started! 

1. Minnie Mouse Buns

Are you looking to channel your inner Disney princess and try something new with your natural hair? Mickey and Minnie Mouse buns are the perfect up-style for a special occasion, and they're incredibly simple, with no complicated hubs required. 

Minnie Mouse Buns

  • The key is to begin with well-hydrated hair, then use an elastic band to separate it into two halves. 
  • Then, make each section into a neat bun at the back of your head. 
  • To keep those ears perky all day, use a leave-in conditioner or hairspray to complete the look. 

    You'll be ready to make a big impact with just a few products and this simple technique.

    2. Bantu Knots

    As an expert hairstylist, we have seen plenty of clients who want to try out Bantu knots for a unique, protective style close to their African roots. This hot trend will keep your hair hydrated in the summer while also giving you a perfect up-do that takes just minutes to complete. 

    Bantu Knots

    • Start by sectioning your hair into small pieces.
    • Then roll each part into tight mini buns. 
    • Smooth down those baby hairs, and you are ready to go! 

      Whether you choose to wear them out or keep them in for the night, these Bantu knots will make a statement no matter what. 

      3. Twist Out

      When it comes to natural hair, nothing is more classic than a twist out. It's a great way to change your texture and style in a unique way. Plus, it doesn't require multiple steps. 

      twist out

      • First, use a light styling product on damp hair and begin to twist two-strand sections. 
      • Allow it to fully dry, preferably air drying, for the best curl pattern and texture. 
      • Once the style is set, you can choose to loosen the twists for a softer look or keep them twisted as desired. 
      • An oil or serum can be applied to enhance the shine and add that extra sparkle. With a twist out, getting amazing type 4B curls has never been easier.

        4. Cornrows

        The classic cornrow is an iconic style that's been worn by African Americans for centuries. Far from being out of style, this low-maintenance look is perfect for keeping hair out of the way while it looks stylish. 


        • To create the look, start from the front of the head and section hair into small or medium sizes. 
        • Braid each section in a row towards the back, and secure the ends with elastic bands or colored beads for added flair. 

        Cornrows are great for all types and textures of hair, making it an easy and fun way to switch it up without going over the top. With so many great braid styles available, you can create unique designs and looks that will get you noticed!

        5. Band Braids with Curls

        Going for a unique and eye-catching look with minimal effort? Band braids with curls are an easy and glamorous hairstyle that anyone can achieve!

        Band Braids with Curls

        • To create this iconic look, start by splitting your front hair into 5-8 parts.
        • Then, begin to secure each part with a rubber band, gather them together, and pull them back, using an elastic band to secure them.
        • Finally, volumize your curls with a brush. Best of all, this style looks fantastic on any type of hair.
          You can make heads turn with your stunningly chic new hairstyle in just a few simple steps. So don't wait any longer – show off your stylish coiffure today!

          6. Polished Tribal Braids

          Tribal braids are always a go-to style for natural hair. And despite what you might be thinking, they're hip and fashionable year after year! For a truly impressive look, opt for a polished tribal braid that easily creates an updo. 

          Polished Tribal Braids

          • Start out by weaving two strands of hair together from the front to the back in a plait pattern. 
          • Ritualize your hairstyle with elastic bands or decorative beads, whatever speaks to your heart's desires. 
          • If you'd like a touch of sophistication, tie a colorful scarf around the crown for a little glamour. 

          Soon enough, you will be turning heads, and admiration will surely ensue. Step into the scene with your beautiful, stylish, gathered Jesus braid!

          7. Wash and Go Fluffy Afro

          Iman's afro is an iconic hairstyle that stands out from the rest. A classic wash and go fluffy afro is the way to go for those looking for a comfortable and confident look. Luckily, obtaining this style doesn't have to take too much of your time out of the day. 

          Fluffy Afro

          All it takes is some leave-in conditioner, a comb or pick, and a little bit of TLC! If you want an extra bit of volume, use a bit of teasing or styling products to the equation. The best part? Once you have it all set up, just let your inner Iman shine out and wear your natural, beautiful afro with pride!

          8. Wave Pattern Micro Braids

          Micro braids can take any hairstyle up a notch! Not only has Beyoncé perfected her boss braid look, but now everyone wants to learn how to do them. Naturalistas love wave pattern micro braids because they look regal and unique. The process of creating this style isn't as complex as you may think.

          Wave Pattern Micro Braids

          All you need to do is form neat, tiny parts along the hairline, braid small sections from the root to the tip with an elastic band, and then comb or brush your waves for volume and shape. With some practice, you can be a pro too!

          9. High Ponytail

          Everyone craves a hairstyle with their own unique flair, but the classic high ponytail is still a major go-to. The high ponytail is the perfect look for any occasion, as it provides a polished aesthetic without much effort. Making this subtle but sophisticated design is easy: Simply grab some detangler and some bobby pins, and you're off to the races! 

          high ponytail

          Begin by detangling your wig and take a brush to paste it towards the back of your head, finally gathering and tying it up with an elastic. (You can also achieve this with the help of human hair extensions or ponytail hair extension) And, to give your simple style some extra flair, run a toothbrush through the edges for extra definition – now you're ready to take on the day with fashion and poise!

          10. Twist-Out Bob

          Do short haircuts provide versatility? Absolutely! One must-try natural black hairstyle is the twist–out bob! This style includes attention to shape and texture. 

          twist out bob

          • To recreate this look at home, don't forget to use a curl cream or gel for the va-va-voom definition. 
          • By twisting and pinning the curls away from your face, you can achieve a chic bob that looks great when worn either up or down. 

          You can have multiple looks without being a master stylist – or running late! A twist–out bob leaves you ready to conquer any event. Whip your bobby pins, liven up your curls, and you'll be ready!

          11. Natural Curly Updo

          Nothing will show off your natural curls quite like a natural curly updo. For those special occasions, such as a night out with friends or a date, this minimalistic style requires few tools and is easy to achieve, regardless of the length of your hair! 

          Natural Curly Updo

          • Start by detangling your hair before applying a curl cream to define each strand. 
          • To shape the updo, take small sections of your hair and twist them up towards the center of your head, securing them in place with bobby pins as necessary. 
          • When finished, step back and admire the effortless beauty of your new style. You'll look and feel glamorous and confident in no time!
          @kristina.manners 5 minute updo on this old wash and go 🤍 I had to push back washday, so I went with this quick and easy updo.✨ I didnt apply any product, and as you can see my parting isn’t straight, and that’s okay!! All you need is a hair tie and bobby pins 🥰 #curlyupdo #naturalhairstyles #naturalhair #curlyhairstyles ♬ Hold Me Closer - Elton John & Britney Spears

          12. Body Wave Short Bob Wig

          Are you struggling to manage your natural curls? Look no further than a body wave short bob wig. Not only do wigs offer you the chance to craft an exquisite style, but they save you hours in front of the mirror.

          Whether you opt for a pre-made wig or something custom-made, you're just an order away from the perfect black hairstyle. 

          body wave short bob wig

          Plus, they are ideal for those who enjoy switching up their look regularly, as with just one quick snap of the elastic, you can have long hair one day and flawless short curls the next.

          So, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to get beautiful black hair, a body wave short bob wig might be the option for you!

          13. Double Braids

          Double braids are one of the most versatile looks for showing off your gorgeous natural hair. This look can be edgy or traditional, depending on your preference! You can always achieve this beautiful style no matter your hair's length. 

          Double Braids

          • The key to nailing this look is starting off with a straight part in the center. Split the top section of your hair into two parts, and create a classic three-strand braid with each one. 
          • Then, you can follow up by taking each braid and securing them in the back with an elastic. 
          • To add more flair, you can also use glossy hairspray or bobby pins at the end for extra impact! With the right steps, you won't ever underestimate the power of a good double braid!
          Check the video below if you hair is not long enough to do double braids.

              14. Faux Locs

              Black American culture embraces the beauty of faux locs – a look just as intricate as dreadlocks but without any commitment. This style is perfect for anyone wanting to try something bold and new! 

              Faux Locs

              • To get a great faux loc look, synthetic hair is combined with braiding hair and provides long-lasting curls or waves that lead to natural locks. 
              • Plus, faux locs can be spruced up with color and accessories; you can add beads, headbands, or even flowers! 

              Whether you wear them long, short, or somewhere in between, faux locs are always an eye-catching style worth giving a go. Try them out; something tells us you won't regret it!

              15. Piano Color Body Wave Human Hair Wig

              If you're looking for something new and glamorous in terms of hairstyle, you'll want to try a piano color body wave human hair wig! The feeling of 100% real human hair on your head, designed with a beautiful piano-colored look, will ensure that you have an amazing, textured style every day. 

              Piano Color Body Wave Human Hair Wig

              You can step out with bouncing curls, a casual tousled look, or sleek and straight locks! Not to mention, worrying about styling and maintaining this hairpiece is a thing of the past.

              On top of all that, you never have to worry about a bad hair day with this chic wig. So, are you ready to add some glamour to your look? Get the piano color body wave human hair wig today! 

              16. Oversized Box Braided High Bun

              You can emulate the looks of dazzling starlet Kelly Rowland with an oversized high bun – an easy yet trendy style that works for both everyday errands or a night out with the girls. 

              Oversized Box Braided High Bun

              • To achieve this look, simply create some bouncy, voluminous box braids with your favorite hair extensions. 
              • Then, slick back the sides with your favorite product and form a top knot. If you're after a natural wavy look, pull out some of your braids; If you're after a polished finish, leave them as-is!

              However you style it, you'll undeniably stand out and look striking. So, why not go ahead and take the plunge today? Try it for yourself and be the envy of your family and friends!

              17. Sassy Blonde Pixie Cut

              The sassy blonde pixie cut is the perfect bold statement if you're ready to up your style game. With its edgy feel and ability to flatter all hair lengths from short to long, this modern hairstyle will turn heads. 

              Sassy Blonde Pixie Cut

              • Creating the perfect style starts with selecting the right wig to get just the right color. 
              • Once that's done, a curling iron to create texture is a must. 
              • Then finish your do with hairspray to lock in the shape. 
              • Finally, tame small wisps and flyaways with a wax or styling cream for an extra polished look. 

              See just how stylish and chic you can be with this sassy blonde pixie cut. So go for it and express your individuality with this fun and fashionable look!

              18. Half-Up, Half-Down

              half up half down

              We all have those days when deciding how to do our hair is difficult. That's why the half-up, half-down style is such a great option – it's classic and romantic, perfect for any occasion. Ready to try it? The look is incredibly easy to create. 

              • Start by securing the top portion of your hair with elastics or pins, and leave out a few face-framing pieces to get that extra elegant touch!
              • Applying your favorite styling cream to the bottom half of your hair and blow dry with a round brush will add volume and texture to the look.
              • When you have accomplished your desired style, set it in place with hairspray.
              Give this classic half-up, half-down look a try – you just might find it's the hairstyle you've been looking for.

              19. Deep Wave Headband Wig

              Black American women's hair comes in many unique styles and textures. But if you're feeling a little adventurous, a deep wave headband wig is an easy and low-commitment way to switch up your style. 

              deep wave headband wig

              For an elegant, textured look, secure your hair with a headband wig cap, and use a styling wand or curler to create gorgeous defined curls. And for extra gloss and vibrancy, finish with a shine serum or pomade. 

              Transform your look with the simple addition of a deep-wave headband wig! Achieve an amazing hairstyle that's sure to turn heads without the worry of permanent changes.

              With this simple styling trick, you can effortlessly experience a variety of daring and unique looks that speak to your vibrant personality. Step out and show off your new 'do today!

              20. Side Swept Statement

              Leaving your hair down is still one of the easiest options, but try a side-swept statement style for something a bit more dressed up! Secure part of your hair in place with pins or a statement clip—this hairstyle is the perfect addition to any of your looks, day or night.

              Side Swept Statement

              Over the last few years, this look has been a favorite of major Hollywood stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé at red-carpet events, and you can achieve surprising results without breaking the bank.

              To make sure your style stays all day long, finish off your look with a light mist of hairspray for a long-lasting stay and added appropriate shine. Try this effortless, trend-savvy side-swept statement style and look your best any time, any place.

              21. Ombre Blonde Softly Flipped Shoulder Bob

              Black American women have found inventive ways to craft vibrant and eye-catching styles using the ombre technique. If you're in the market for something subtle yet audacious, you'll find the 'Ombre Blonde Softly Flipped Shoulder Bob' irresistible. The process is simple and accessible, too:

              Ombre Blonde Softly Flipped Shoulder Bob

              • Lighten strands starting within the mid-lengths bringing shape and definition to your 'do.
              • Then craft a wave splash or two with the help of flat iron for a bouncy finish.
              • Sparkle things up for added flair and make this hairdo your own personal statement, adding tiny accents of colors and shades accordingly.

              All this in one fell swoop, look no further for beautiful and effortless glamour. Get your very own shoulder-length bob with the essential ombre technique!

              22. Curly Low Ponytail

              If you're gifted with naturally voluminous and bouncy curls, then the curly low ponytail is an effortless but chic style for you!

              Curly Low Ponytail

              • Spritz some hairspray onto your locks to help the ponytail stay in place, and using bobby pins can secure stray hairs so your pony looks flawless.
              • It's suitable for any hair length, so experiment with what works best for your strands. Take it up a notch by adding a few cute barrettes and a bandana to make ensembles and looks stand out.

              Don't forget that this classic style never gets old! Attempt this alluring hairdo whether you're dressing up for a night out or you're just running errands throughout the day.

              23. Ombre Brown Curly 4C Edges Hairline Wig

              Are you always on the lookout for the latest hair trends but hate focusing too much on your styling routine? We introduce you to the Ombre Brown Curly 4C Edges Hairline Wig

               designed specifically for those who don't have a lot of time to put into their hairstyle maintenance.

              Ombre Brown Curly 4C Edges Hairline Wig

              This fashionable and chic wig is crafted from 100% Brazilian human hair, eliminating the worry of heat damage or dryness and providing your locks and hairline with long-lasting hydration.

              Cast your eyes on this exceptional wig with a 4C Hairline specifically crafted to mimic naturally giving edges, culminating in a glossy ombre brown mingling that maintains a glamorous finish. This wig promises to transform your look in moments and is perfect for those looking for effortless yet stylish hairstyles.

              24. Box Braids with Colorful Strands

              Make a statement with an eye-catching hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go. Vibrant colors are one of the biggest trends in the hair world today, and if you want to make a bold statement, the box braids with colorful strands are the perfect style for you.

              Box Braids with Colorful Strands

              This style is versatile as it can be worn in many different ways, from long and loose to high ponytails. The look will also last for weeks without needing any maintenance or touch-ups.

              • To get this bright and beautiful look, start by selecting vibrant and varied colors to include in your braids.
              • Then, braid the strands together with a combination of different-sized box braids for a unique look that will turn heads everywhere you go. With this amazing style, you'll be sure to make a statement wherever you go! 

              25. Mini Dreadlocks

              Last but not least, why not try mini dreadlocks for a unique and effortless style? The famous Zoë Kravitz proves that dreadlocks can be ultra-chic and feminine – if you think dreadlocks can't be dressed up, think again.

              This style is a great way to switch up your look without having to deal with the maintenance of full-sized dreadlocks.

              Mini Dreadlocks

              Mini-dreads are small locs that typically last for about two weeks before needing to be redone. Not only do they look amazing, but they also require minimal care and attention, which are great advantages for those with busy schedules. Try out the mini-dreadlocks style for a fresh and unique look that will have everyone talking! 

              In A Nutshell

              With the help of these hairstyle ideas, you can now beautifully style your natural hair without spending hours and hours in front of a mirror. And with a few simple tweaks to each, you can recreate these looks to have endless possibilities for styling and adornment.

              Whether you're looking for something low-maintenance or an adventurous, glamorous look, we hope this blog post has inspired how best you can express yourself through your hair.

              So get creative, share the wealth with friends and family, and take risks—you are empowered to try new things! We hope that our compilation of 25 Easy & Quick Hairstyles for Black Women helps give you the confidence to experiment and wear your beautiful crown with pride.

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