Best Hairstyles Inspiration From The 2024 Grammy Awards

best hairstyles grammy 2024

The year has just begun but, hairstyle inspirations are ready for you to choose from.

The Grammy Awards is one of the earliest yearly events that allow you to get inspired for your next hairstyle. The music award event features the biggest stars in the music industry whose waves cut across different spheres of life and of course, the world of hairstyles.

At this year's Grammy event, another night of spectacle and innovative hairstyles was witnessed. The 66th annual Grammy Awards red carpet featured the latest hairstyle trends you won’t want to miss out on.

From your faves, here are the best hairstyle inspirations from the 2024 Grammy Awards.

1. Victoria Monet's French roll updo

Victoria Monet

Monet's French roll updo stays in the heart of all. The singer and songwriter became Grammy's Best New Artist. However, we can all agree that she also won the best hairstyle. 

The 34-year-old Grammy winner was styled by the professional hairstylist Davontae' Washington using Wella Professionals products. And he finished the look with a side-framing tendrils that complements perfectly.

How To Achieve This:

Victoria Monet's French roll updo

You can easily style this hairstyle with some human hair extensions (remember to pick the highlights of your choice), gloss spray, pins, and a curling wand.

But you can desire things to be a little different. Add the face-framing bangs to both sides. Boom! Or you can do without any. Simple but classy.

2. Taylor Swift's one-side braided blonde tresses

Taylor Swift's one-side braided blonde tresses

Jemma Muradian did a great job with styling Taylor Swift's hairstyle. The one-side braided blonde tresses gave her an elegant look and captivated the audience completely.

Can we mention the side-swept bangs that added some framing to her face? What about the bohemian braids that were gorgeously plaited? All worked to achieve a glamorous appearance at the Grammys. Try this style with a pre braided wig can make your lifer easier!

How To Achieve This:

how to achieve one side braid hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyles like Taylor’s need seamless precision to come out beautifully. You can style this yourself. But make sure the first braid is arched from your ear side down to the other part. Or go for something different, like bigger braids. The idea is to plait the braid loosely.

3. Halle Bailey's long, wet wavy hair

Halle Bailey's long, wet wavy hair

Can we take a moment to admire Halle Bailey’s hairstyle? The American singer and actress kept things to the minimum but shone like her song Angel

Her wavy hairstyle wet look was middle-parted and long to reach her waist. The flowing locks were in black and that complimented her overall look and appearance for the event.

How To Achieve This:

body wave wig

You can style this hairstyle with your gorgeously flowing locks if you have long hair or add some wavy or curly extensions, or wearing a long wavy wig if your hair is short. Both work quite well.

For some added spice, you can have it parted by the side or get the hair in an updo with side framing layers. You'll look amazing.

4. Dua Lipa's red mermaid waves hairstyle

Dua Lipa's red mermaid waves hairstyle

Dua Lipa's long, red, wavy hair is one of our favorites at the Grammys. This hairstyle can be your inspiration for the summer. Well, nothing beats healthy, shiny, long wavy hair.

The red tresses complemented her silver dress which accentuated her features perfectly. Matt Rez, the colorist chose the perfect ruddy red that everyone can’t stop talking about. We can say it’s a job well done.

How To Achieve This:

burgundy red hairstyle

You can have gorgeous burgundy red hair but remember to have it styled appropriately. Add waves, maybe layers, go for something longer, or have it in a bun.

5. Miley Cyrus' wavy 80's inspired bouffant

Miley Cyrus' wavy 80's inspired bouffant

Here is the woman who captured everyone’s heart at the 66th Grammy Awards. Miley Cyrus won her first-ever Grammy, performed her song Flowers, and got the audience speaking about her hairstyle.

She took the bold step with the 80s-inspired hairstyle but rocked it amazingly well. The bouffant hairstyle featured warm caramel highlights that framed her face perfectly and a lot of volume at the top of her head. No doubt, the hairstylist, Bob Recine, did a fantastic job.

How To Achieve This:

80's bouffant hairstyle

Some texturizing paste, volumizing spray, dry shampoo, curling iron, teasing comb, straightening iron, and curlers should help you achieve this Miley Cyrus look.

6. SZA's sleek, black lace front hairstyle

SZA's sleek, black lace front hairstyle

SZA's sleek hairdo by Devante Turnbull looked elegant and sophisticated at the Grammys. The hairstylist took to Instagram to discuss how he got it done.

Mentioning products like the Got2b Styling Spiking Glue, Got2b Glued Bonding Glue, Dyson Corrale, and Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, it’s no surprise that the lace front wig turned out beautiful. The Songwriter and singer slayed the hairstyle while adding a phenomenal touch to the Grammys red carpet.

How To Achieve This:

natural black straight wig

You can achieve this shiny and smooth look with some of the products listed earlier. However, remember to wear it confidently as SZA did. Another similar hairstyle to this is adding waves to the jet-black tresses. It’s stylish and one-of-a-kind.

7. Karol G's long, straight blonde-pink ombre locks

Karol G's long, straight blonde-pink ombre locks

The 2024 Grammy red carpet witnessed a vibrant and bold look with Karol G’s hairstyle. Her daring choice sent waves to the hairstyle world and got everyone in awe. 

While this won’t be her first bold choice, the audience loved this look exceptionally. The shining, sleek ombre locks reached down to her back and showcased her love for beauty.

The hair was smooth, colorful, and flawless. Even with the downpour on the night of the event, the hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez, did a fantastic job of keeping it in place. Products like Aveda Smooth Infusion Perfect Blow Dry Spray, Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, and Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade were used and worked to achieve this perfect hairstyle.

How To Achieve This:

blonde pink ombre wig

You should consider using similar products with the same effect if you do not have the products mentioned above. Or do you want a little spice added to the hairstyle? Consider something wavy or a bob cut.

8. Beyonce's long, straight, icy-blonde hair

Beyonce's long, straight, icy-blonde hair

Beyonce's been rocking some icy blonde hairstyle lately, and the Grammy saw one of the looks in its full glory. The 42-year-old singer gave a cowgirl look with the Icy, straightened hair cascading down up to her waist.

While this look is much blonder than before, it complemented her completely giving the Renaissance vibe. The hair was super straight and was done by Neal Farinah, the celebrity hairstylist. According to him, her look was beautiful and blonde. We do agree.

How To Achieve This:

wavy icy blonde hair

Having some dark roots can give it an ombre style. But adding some waves takes things to a whole new level.

9. Olivia Rodrigo's side parted brown wavy hair

Olivia Rodrigo's side parted brown wavy hair

The 21-year-old American singer and songwriter appeared on the Grammy red carpet on February 4 with a side parted chocolate brown wavy hair. The hairstyle was shiny, long, and lustrous.

The six-time nominee went for a middle-part hairstyle with curls for her performance. But both looked gorgeous. Her hairstylist, Clayton Hawkins, went for her classic but with an Old Hollywood twist as reported by ByrdieYou will agree that her hairstyle spoke class, style, and volume.

How To Achieve This:

chocolate brown wig

Some texturizing spray and a curling iron should do wonders in achieving Olivia's Grammy look. You can add layers like she did or work with your full-length hair if that's what you like. Another way you can style is to keep your hair straight. You can instead work to keep it shiny.

10. Lana Del Rey's bow hairstyle with big fringes

Lana Del Rey's bow hairstyle with big fringes

Lana Del Rey debuted the fullest fringe at the Grammys. The singer and songwriter walked the red carpet in a lovely black dress and, to flatter it, she went for retro bangs.

The bangs complemented her signature black flowing wavy tresses exuding sophistication. The look was further accentuated with a satin hair bow that cemented her choice for the night.

Her colorist Jacob Schwartz, with the use of Schwarzkopf Professional, created the perfect chestnut locks for the occasion to match her outfit. With Allure awarding her the biggest bangs of the year, her bold preference significantly made waves.

How To Achieve This:

Would you style your bangs as Lana Del Rey did? You can try it with straight hair if you would. You might be shocked at how good it will be. 

11. Coco Jones' classy updo

Coco Jones' classy updo

The audience loved Coco Jones' look. That's right! And we can't be any more proud of the 26-year-old singer and her hairstylist Ashanti Lation. Ashanti Lation did fantastic work in bringing the classic messy bun to life but, Coco's charm, beauty, and confidence slayed the look completely.

The hairstyle included two-side face frames carefully curled to perfection. Her edges looked good. That worked as the finishing touch to her graceful look.

How To Achieve This:

classic updo

You can opt for this look or rock it without the tendrils. It's stylish, simple, and refined.

Which One is Your Favorite?

The Grammys 2024 gave impressive and phenomenal hairstyles that stood out. We love each of these beautiful statements. But we want to hear from you. Which one is your favorite? Which of these hair inspirations will you be trying

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