12 Best Hair Colors For Dark Skin Tones

hair color for dark skin

Choosing the perfect hair color can be transformative, enhancing your natural beauty and increasing your self-confidence. If you have dark skin tones, an eye-catching contrast created by the right shade of hair color can stunningly emphasize your features. 

It is not always easy to judge which hues will create the most flattering and striking look for you, which is why this guide was created to provide practical insight into what hair colors work best with dark skin tones. 

Whether you are aiming for an ombre dye or a solid shade of hair color, this guide includes colors that will perfectly highlight and enhance your gorgeous look.

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Hair Color 

Selecting the right shade can be tricky when it comes to hair color for those with dark skin. Choosing lighter shades, often for highlighting purposes, is tempting, but that can be risky. Lighter shades can result in an uneven skin tone that leaves you ashy or washed out. 

choose right shade for your hair color

Instead, this guide encourages selecting hues and shades that will create contrast and definition, enhancing your natural look while maintaining stroke sophistication. We have carefully chosen colors perfect for dark skin tones so that you get the optimum results!

12 Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones 

Whether you prefer a lighter look or stunning streaks of color, the following colors will produce an eye-catching and flattering effect on dark skin: 

1. Face-Framing Blonde Money Piece

If you're a dark-skinned beauty hoping to sport that blonde bombshell look, then Ciara must be your muse. Her face effervescently lights up with golden highlights money piece and framing layers delicately crafted by her colorist.

Face-Framing Blonde Money Piece

For mellow takes on the honey-tressed hairstyle, mix natural colors ranging from sandy beige to caramel for that effortlessly tantalizing hue. Moreover, for those ideally tousled 'dos without all the time between touch-ups, keeping these subtle shades eliminates the need for additional salon visits and frequent styling regimens that cost an arm and a leg!

2. Purple Hair Color

Hair color trends are evolving, offering all kinds of adventurous hues to experiment with. If you've ever dreamed of walking around with purple hair, this lavender hue is the perfect light hair color for dark skin – cool and summery yet subtle enough not to be too overwhelming. 

purple hair color

For those feeling inspired by the start of springtime, why not use it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself without being too daring? Whether today's trending colors inspire you or you want to try something completely outside your comfort zone, this is the perfect example for exploring a new look.

3. Auburn Red

Are you bored of your natural hair color and looking for something different? If you're a Black American woman searching for an ideal tinge of beautiful color to rock, look no further than elegant auburn red! 

auburn red hair color

With deep dark undertones, this hue will make your skin tone pop! From box braids to straight hair weaves, when done correctly, this rich reddish-brown shade can turn heads with every twist and turn. 

Opting for fiery luscious auburn is a bold move that will get you many compliments. With this choice, it doesn't matter if you go short and natural or rock longer-term extensions; all that truly matters is the stunning glow radiated from your newly upgraded locks.

4. Silvery Gray

From classic hues of blond and brown to midnight blue and snow white, celebrities never fail to surprise us with their countless hair color experiments. Jourdan Dunn is no exception. 

Silvery Gray hair color

Her signature color is a dusky gray shade, giving her look an additional layer of sophistication and chicness that can't be achieved through any other color.

False color trends come at go, but timeless grayish hues like silver, platinum, and gray are increasingly becoming popular among those wanting to add hints of fierce experimentation to their mane without creating an entirely new identity. This electrifying shade is just what you need to own your life and cozy up into options to play with different colors some other time!

5. Ash Blonde

For ladies with dark skin, ash blonde is the perfect way to get a subtle, natural-looking splash of color. Not too light or dark, just the right amount of depth and contrast to perfectly frame their face. Those wanting a little extra can add a few well-placed highlights for an elegant contrast that stands out while still being natural. 

ash blonde

If daring, layer browns and caramel tones over the lighter base shades to create an utterly captivating color palette. Go bold with your locks even if you're looking for something less showy; Ash blonde is guaranteed to take your look up a notch no matter how low-key it remains.

6. Golden Honey Blonde

Although it may be fading, Beyonce's honey blonde hair color continues to inspire many! This bright hue is a great choice for those with darker skin tones; it offers a gorgeous, natural balance to the complexion.

Check Beyonce Inspired Wigs here! 

Golden Honey Blonde

The best part is that the graduated shades from root to tips -- beginning with darker roots and transitioning into lighter strands can make anyone look like they woke up like this. 

To replicate this timeless look, just pick the right products to ensure maximum protection for your locks from any possible harm. So go ahead and give yourself a golden goddess-inspired facelift now; remember, though, the right tools are essential for success!

7. High-Gloss Black

In the world of beauty, black remains an all-time favorite. Singer Robyn Rihanna, one of the most prominent artists of recent times, perfectly represents why black hair has remained a timeless classic. 

High-Gloss Black

Her high gloss black texture showcases depth and contrast in her complexion, making it appear eye-catching. If you wish to achieve that same beautiful effect within your locks, choose a hue with cooler undertones, such as midnight blue or jet black.

The core secret to elevating your style even more lies clearly in the shine; invest in higher quality products that will grant you just that without damaging your hair! In conclusion, there is one captivating, effortless look for it to always look flawless.

8. Black With Burgundy Highlights

Hair intuition knows no limits when you decide between black and burgundy! Traditional as it may be, the beautiful classic color has inspired us for ages. This amalgamation of hues can easily add that extra dimension of fun when looking to give your style something extra. 

black with burgundy highlights

The subtle hint of burgundy speaks volumes – it expresses just the necessary initiative of intrigue one needs when desiring to turn heads. And you don't have to worry about what look you sport after; any hairstyle you choose will receive a perfectly eligible boost. So snag this delightful contrast in shades quickly before someone else does! 

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9. Burgundy or Maroon

Dark skin can be elevated to incomparable heights when paired with the dynamic hues of burgundy or maroon hair colors. These two contrasting tones create an initially captivating look, ready to be admired in any setting. For those seeking a dramatic beauty appeal, a flirtatious wave cascading over one shoulder is highly recommended for an effortless charm.

Burgundy or MaroonGoing deeper and darker with the shades provides a strong statement. However, if opting for a softer dye job, light auburn or rosy russets are a surefire way to radiate finesse in warm low lighting.

Ultimately, no hair color choice is wrong, and every photoshoot session needs something different. So don't be afraid to experiment and find a color that truly brings out your personality, even if it means going beyond what is considered socially acceptable.

10. Soft Auburn

Recently, the fabulous and fashion-savvy Teyana Taylor has had heads turning thanks to her colorful hair changes! Gracing the world with an instant classic, she's often seen sporting a soft auburn shade. This elegant color casts beautiful warmth upon any skin tone – bringing out its glamorous, sophisticated vibes. 

soft auburn

It may look so subtle, yet this hue makes an undeniable statement. You can never go wrong with soft auburn for a big impact without shouting! Be daring and opt for a chic blunt bob cut, or embrace tender texture and volume with ravishing curls – any style will do; your look will certainly turn heads no matter what route you take!

11. Sandy Champagne

Sandy Champagne

Banked by her fans for her special charm and aura of timelessness, Iman remains an exemplar of grace. Always seen sporting her distinctive sandy champagne hair color, she manages to cast a glamourous light in a world of serenity and sublimity. The hue is certainly universal; it's great for cooler skin hues and warmer tones! Try a cropped haircut for truly striking waves to bring vibrancy and sophistication to your new look.

12. Dramatic Ombré

Last but not least, the darling and dramatic ombré is an eye-catching trend that has been rocking the red carpet for years. To achieve a bold look like the one singer Zendaya wears, simply stick to an alluring mahogany color at the roots, gradually transitioning into a sweet caramel at the tips. 

ramatic Ombré

It conveys an effortless appeal that stands out amongst any crowd without requiring much maintenance! Furthermore, those with naturally darker roots will see their color change appearing even more attention-grabbing. As this trend of highlighting continues its upward climb towards total dominance, now more than ever, it is an homage to our inner freedom and creativity rippling its way throughout our hair!

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In A Nutshell

Personal preference and skin tone are the two most important factors when selecting a flattering hair color. While the options may seem overwhelming at first, there are dozens of beautiful hair colors out there that will make you shine. Browse Hermosa Hair Colored Wigs collection to find the best color match your skin tone!

And now that you know more about which shades work well with dark skin tones, you can be confident in your choice! Whether you want a subtle change or a bold transformation, your perfect hair color awaits. Test out different hues and find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful - it's all part of the journey to uncover the best hair colors for dark skin tones.

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