14 Breathtaking Weave Ponytail Hairstyles 2024

weave ponytail hairstyles

Ponytails have been a popular hairstyle option for centuries! But don't feel limited to the traditional version – why not take it a step further Hairstylists have upped the ante by adding human hair weaves, instantly making your basic ponytail look incredibly intricate and unique.

Weave ponytails also hold together well, so you know your look will last all day long and make you look (and feel!) wonderful.

But with so many hairstyles available featuring braids, dreadlocks, extensions, and various weavings, it can be tricky to decide exactly which one is right for you.

Fear not – we've collected more than 14 weave ponytail styles that you'll want to try! From chic and classy braid updos to sleek and sassy buns – get ready to dazzle those around you with your inspired new style!

Why Should We Try Weave Ponytails?

Thinking about trying a weave ponytail hairstyle may seem scary, but trust us; you'll thank us later. Weave ponytails are the life hack you've been searching for in a hairstyle. Here's why:

  • The options are endless! Whether you need a fierce 'do for the club or a chic style for the office, weave ponytails can cater to any occasion.
  • Need a change but scared to commit? Weave ponytails give you the freedom to switch up your look without any drastic measures.
  • Say goodbye to hair worries! A weave ponytail is a long-lasting and worry-free style that won't come undone, no matter what.
  • Best of both worlds: You can rock a gorgeous hairstyle without damaging your natural hair from excessive heat or products.
  • And the best part? Weave ponytails give you the power to change it up quickly and easily!

Now that you know why to try a weave ponytail, let's explore the amazing styles available!

Best Weave Ponytail Hairstyles That Will Make You Shine

Ready to sit back and relax while you get ready for your night out? Get inspired by these twelve different weave ponytail hairstyles!

1. Sleek Low Ponytail With Weave

Ready to up your styling game? Let us introduce you to the classic low ponytail. This stunningly sleek style is perfect for nearly any occasion—so no matter what you have planned, you're rockstar ready.

Sleek Low Ponytail With Weave

  • Start by combing through and parting your natural hair before gathering them into a tight ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  • Use your hands to smooth the hair to make it sleek and secure it with an elastic band, then finish with a specified spritz of hairspray—and don't forget the final touch!

The fun thing is that you can style your baby hair with the help of edge control and edge brush. Now it's time to add a straight ponytail weave and wrap a few strands around the elastic band to define and refine the look, and that's it—easy breezy beautiful gorgeous!

2. Braided Low Knots

Say goodbye to plain ponytails and give your look a boost of glam with this stunning two-braided low knots style! Ideal for anyone who wants a sophisticated everyday look that won't take too much time, this hairstyle is also fantastic for days when you can't decide between letting your hair down or styling it up. 

braided low knots

Not only that, but its four stitch braids on the scalp provide that extra oomph as it creates the base for both rolled bun-style ponytails at the back. But this scrumptious hairstyle doesn't just stop there – its mix of textures with loose weaves combined with braids adds an edgy yet fabulous finish.

3. Middle Part Ponytail

Embrace the beauty of the middle part look! Don't be scared—just try it out! This chic weave ponytail is perfect for those who are looking for something easy and neat. 

middle part ponytail

  • To get started, just section your hair—from the crown down the middle of your scalp—and create a deep parting.
  • From there, braid both sections from root to tip and tie an elastic near the end.
  • Gather all of your hair extensions into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and fasten it with an elastic band.
  • Then, apply some serum to eliminate any flyaways, and you're ready to fascinate everyone around you with this beautiful 'do!

4. Fluffy Flipped Ponytail

Ready to give your hair a bit of glam? Look no further! This multi-layer and flip-up weave ponytail are stunningly unique; while most people only manage a simple flip of their bottom few layers, you can take it to the next level. Aim for fluffy volume on top? 

Fluffy Flipped Ponytail

There's no need to hesitate — this amazing style will be sure to give your year any hiya lift you desire. And if you want even more volume, why not throw in a few curls at the tips for some serious va-va-voom? The result is guaranteed to draw attentive glances wherever your rope is.

5. Black Wavy High Ponytail with Weave

Stop adorning your half-up, half-down hairdo's with just a simple parting to the side! Spice it up with a single cornrow bisecting your hair. As showcased in this picture, the hairstyle looks glamorous and truly entrancing. With its neat edge artistry, this high sleek black ponytail with weaved accents is bound to captivate and awe everyone who sees it. 

Black Wavy High Ponytail with Weave

Not only does it add length and volumize your hair, but its combination of intertwined structure from the braids and bouncy curls provides texture that exorbitances perfectly! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience this magnificent coiffure cutie; you won't regret giving it a go!

6. Two High Ponytails with Weave

Nothing looks more stylish than pigtail hairstyle! This take on the classic look is sure to make you stand out at any gathering.

Two High Ponytails with Weave

To help bring it to life, start by brushing your hair into two sections – one at the top and one at the bottom. If you're feeling fancy, add some weaves for some extra fullness or color, then secure each section with an elastic band for a secure fit.

Next up? Give your double-ponytails that extra oomph with a center or side parting, tasteful curls at the end of the ponytails for texture and volume, plus no nails, no tools, short hairstyle some sparkly accessories.

With these refreshed 'dos, you'll be rocking it from head to toe – making everyone around you jealous of your showstopping style. It's time to flaunt it! Go out there and slay!

7. Faux Fishtail Goddess Braid with Weave

Want a gorgeous hairstyle that perfectly blends classic and modern vibes? Look no further than the faux fishtail goddess braid with a weave! It combines two old favorites, the traditional braiding method, and deep weaves, to give you something truly spectacular. 

All it takes to make this happen is a few steps— start by weaving in extra hair, divide the section into two parts, and then crunch the pieces together like a regular fishtail braid, but make sure to leave some behind for texture! Doing so gives it that unique 'faux' finish that's sure to draw all sorts of compliments your way!

8. Two-Sided Half Up Frontal Ponytail

Feeling bold and daring? Have a go at this awesome hairdo! It's truly one of a kind. Start by parting your hair down the middle or side into two sections and bringing them together in one oversized ponytail at the back. To nail the look, dye your hair in the color you desire. Throw in some colored hair weaves to add even more volume and dimension. 

Two-Sided Frontal Ponytail

Take your pick between high or low – you still won't lose on the glam factor! Plus, that lengthy tail will have bystanders turning heads as soon as they lay their eyes on it – what could be a greater style boost? So why not take an adventurous step with this seductive yet practical hairstyle? You surely won't regret giving it a try!

9. Genie Ponytail with Ombre Weave

Are you nowadays striving for a look that's effortless yet stunning? Look no further — your tried and true genie ponytail is the perfect match! This classic look works well with any outfit according to the dress code, and it's sure to bring out your best features by framing your face perfectly. 

Genie Ponytail with Ombre Weave

Ready to get styling? Make sure to use a comb with bristles shaped specifically for flawless pinning of natural hair on top of the head. Layering a ombre wavy weave below is also ideal for creating the impression of extra body and length — how incredible is that! In the last step, secure a single piece of hair at the root for a little extra oomph in height. In short, now you can think of a dazzlingly new style without splurging large amounts — what excellent news! Take a strip, be bold, and try this look – you won't be disappointed later.

10. Rapunzel Weave Ponytail

Amp up your look with the super stylish Rapunzel crown braid! This classic updo has gained in popularity this year – such Hollywood royalty as A and B have been spotted rocking it on the red carpet. A guaranteed show stopper, the structural framing of this hairstyle accentuates your best features.

Rapunzel Weave PonytailYou already know how to make this air. Give yourself a major confidence boost in minutes without breaking the bank. Rapunzel braid is sure to turn heads, and you'll feel ready to take on anything. Make this look your own so you can outshine everyone else!

11. 90's Flip Ponytail with Weave

Level up your '90s flip ponytail with a stylish weave for a glam touch! Parade the party was looking sensational in this fashion-forward hairstyle. It's also amazingly convenient; round up your bobby pins and some black hair extensions, and you're good to go! 

90's Flip Ponytail with Weave

Start by sectioning the front portion of your hair, then pin it at the other side to bring the desired central parting. Incorporate a further texture for substance and wave one side as you would do a classic flip ponytail. Secure all your locks with an elastic band at the lower neck area, and you will have taken remarkable steps toward framing an event-ready statement haircut.

And don't forget– add enticing accessories such as clips, scrunchies, or headbands for that 'fake' look and turn heads just about everywhere! Embrace this eye-catching hairstyle and make your entrance into any event spectacular!

12. Water Wave High Ponytail

When it comes to water waves, this style is sure to make a statement guaranteed to turn heads! Transform your look just in time for a night out with a deep ocean blue hue or something subtle and champagne-colored. 

water wave high ponytail

First, prep your hair specifically treated for weaves. Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then set it out to air dry or on low heat. Add light hair oil throughout before you divide it into three sections for styling: top, midsection, and bottom. Once each part is secured with an elastic band, you'll have a voluminous effect! To customize, grab your curling iron or wand and add waves for more of an effortlessly natural look. Then VOILA – you're all set for that hot night out!

13. Short Weave Ponytail

Calling all fashionistas! If you've been wanting to switch up your style but don't want a long-term commitment, why not try out this amazing short ponytail with Weave? 

Short Weave Ponytail

Create an ombre on your natural hair before securing the electric red woven hair, and get creative with your baby hair. Style them using a toothbrush to form some gorgeous waves for ultimate glamour. Don't forget to spare any expense on accessorizing either – think sparkles, rhinestones, or bows for that extra something special. And the best news? This fierce look won't set you back a fortune! Get creative, get daring – grab the strip and give this look a go – delight is guaranteed!

14. Kinky Straight Ponytail

Last but certainly not least, you should try the Kinky Straight Ponytail for a look that turns heads and has everyone asking, "Who did your hair?" This style requires a bit more effort than some of the others on this list. Start with prepping your hair for weaves. Shampoo, condition, then air dry or set to a low heat setting — you know, the drill.

kinky straight ponytailOnce your tresses are ready to go, section them into the top, midsection, and bottom sections before adding the extensions. Once complete, reach for a flat iron to get that smooth finish before you secure it all with an elastic band at the lower neck area. Now you're good to go! Feel like shining bright like a diamond in this exquisite style? We think you definitely should! Have fun and work it, girl — now that you know what it takes, grab a mirror and see how gorgeous you look!

How Long Does a Ponytail with Weave Last?

Everybody wants their hairstyle to last! With a ponytail using weave, you can look great for up to 8 weeks—although it largely depends on how fast your real hair grows. That said, with proper care and maintenance, it is possible to extend the life of the hairdo even longer.

Take some time to treat your hair right by using gentle products every day and deep conditioning or moisturizing regularly: these efforts will help keep your scalp healthy so that those flyaway locks look like they fly nowhere! Even further? Try opting for a sew-in weave instead of adding prior clip or glue forms. With the extra boost from becoming professionally woven into the hair strands, you can achieve an even longer-lasting masterpiece that will turn heads up to four months in advance!

In a Nutshell

Weave ponytails are a fantastic way to enhance your natural beauty and create styles that will leave an impression. Not only are these hairstyles quick and easy, but they also last longer than other styles with weaves.

So, go ahead and give them a try today! With over 14 incredibly breathtaking weave ponytail hairstyles outlined here, we're sure you'll find the perfect look to help you tie up your look! From fishtails to kinky straight, there's something for everyone's unique style. So, don't wait any longer and use this article as your guide to finding the perfect weave ponytail hairstyle for you. Go forth and be the show-stopper that everyone remembers!

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