13 Best Birthday Hairstyles For Black Women

birthday hairstyles

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are special and so are you. Never settle for less. Why? We've got you!

Are you in search of some birthday hairstyle inspiration for your upcoming special birthady party? Look no further! You can look super cute or sparkly on your next birthday with these stunning hairstyles we've selected.

From braids to buns, ponytails, and natural afros, our collection is packed with dramatic and loving hairstyles that will make you feel unique on your birthday.

You can achieve these hairstyles with your natural hair, hair extensions, or wigs, it all depends on your choice!  Trust us, these hairstyles are birthday-worthy and you can make a few tweaks as you want.

Ready to feel inspired? Keep reading!

1. Kinky Twist

kinky twist

A kinky twist makes you look natural and celebrates the texture of your hair. You can look gorgeous and phenomenal while wearing this hair.

Get your kinky hair extensions or kinky braiding hair and twist out your hair in small sections. You can have a square parting or however, you like. It's always fun to part it the way you love.

Go for a bob or a longer length, and you will look gorgeous on your birthday. So rock it, girl!

2. Faux Locs

Faux Locs

A trendy, versatile, and head-turning hairstyle that is suitable for birthdays is faux locs. These dreadlocks are attached to your hair individually giving you a stunning look.

The locs come in varying lengths. So, you can wear them long, medium or short. You can create an effortlessly stylish birthday appearance that can be dramatic. Get your locs done and style it in different ways. 

3. Curly Ponytail

Curly Ponytail

Are you a ponytail lover? Here's a birthday hairstyle you might not want to miss-curly ponytail. The curly ponytail is a classy hairstyle that offers flair making you look amazing. Don't forget to add some accessories to upgrade this hairstyle, like vintage scrunchies, pearl earings or necklace.

You can showcase your edgy side while rocking this hairstyle. Also, the good side to it is you can add tendrils, go for a side part, or even have your hair braided before including the ponytail.

It is a simple hairstyle you can do by yourself. But make sure you get all your products and tools ready before you start to style.

  • First, comb your hair thoroughly. You can straighten your hair with a hot comb for a more flattened look.
  • Pull your hair into a ponytail and tie it with an elastic.
  • Add your curly ponytail or hair extensions and secure it properly.
  • Get your edges done with some gel.
And voila! Your curly ponytail hairstyle.

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4. Box Braids

box braids

A classic hairstyle that never goes out of style is the box braids. It is a beloved hairstyle that offers versatility and creativity at its peak. You can stay trendy and look like a queen on your big day with this hairstyle, not only birthday party, but also some other important occasions like prom, graduation celemery, etc.

Whether you prefer the jumbo ones or boho braids, there are numerous options you can go for. Make them in medium sizes or long. They are easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways. You can go for an updo style for your birthday or choose to slay it all down.

Have your hairstylist make them look neat, polished, and clean. You'll feel majestic in them.

5. Finger Twisted Afro

Finger Twisted Afro

It all comes down to looking amazing on your special day! So, here's a hairstyle that would be perfect for the day: finger-twisted afro. This hairstyle doesn't take much time to create and can look incredible within seconds.

It's okay for it not to turn out fine for your first attempt. So try it out before your D-day. You can follow these steps to create this hairstyle:

  • Get your hair wet with water
  • Wash your hair with some natural ingredients shampoo
  • Wait for a few minutes and rinse it out
  • Section your hair into a few parts
  • Apply some leave-in conditioner 
  • Comb through your hair and dampen it with water. You should get a spray bottle for this
  • Wrap your hair around your finger from the roots and move to the tip
  • Repeat for every part and let it air dry

 You can make it look full by combing the root with your comb.

6. Double Space Buns

Double Space Buns

What better way to showcase your lustrous hair than with space buns? Space buns are perfect, trendy, and captivating. While it is not hard, it is technical. You can get it to look all sleek and flattened with products and a flat iron.

Here are the simple steps on how to achieve it:

  • Divide the front section into two parts. You can follow the image above for inspiration.
  • Pull each section into two ponytails and wrap them tightly with elastics. Be sure that they are tight but not too tight as well.
  • Include whatever accessories you might like. And your gorgeous look is done!

For a perfect look, you can use hair extensions if your hair is not thick or long enough. That's fine!

7. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Do you want to look elegant on your day? Consider wearing a half-up, half-down hairstyle. The half-up half-down hairstyle requires no skill for a perfect look. So pick up your hair essentials and start to style.

  • First, get your hair cleaned and fresh for your style, if your hair is not long enough to slay this hairstyle, put on a lace frontal wig for help.
  • Divide your hair/wig into two sections, a front and back part.
  • Secure the front part into a ponytail and tie it with a hairband.
  • Spray in some products for shine. And you're good to go!

Since this hairstyle is so versatile, don't be limited with your creativity. Add some bangs, swoop parts of the front section or you can create a knot. Go all in, girl! You'll look stunning.

8. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Are you searching for an easy yet unique hairstyle for your birthday? The Banu knots should fall in that category. This hairstyle brings no dull moments. It is comfortable and easy to maintain. But the sweetest part is you can get this done quickly.

  • Get a rat tail comb, brush, hair bands, and gel.
  • Create a triangle part at the front and move till you reach the back.
  • Divide the bottom part into squares. Let the sections be as many as you want.
  • Now, put them into the hair bands and gel across each section.
  • Twist them properly before putting them in another hair band.

9. Puffy Ponytail

puff ponytail

The puffy ponytail allows every black girl to flaunt their natural hair while looking chic. It outlines the face drawing attention to the details.

There are different puffy ponytail ideas you can do. A puffy ponytail is cute. But adding bangs to the hair elevates the look instantly. Not your favorite? Add a side swoop. Or braids some part of the front. They are good options that transform the hair.

You can choose a two-puffy ponytail if you like. Or use kinky extensions for more volume. But be sure to slay as the jewel you are.

10. Bouncy Curly Wig

Bouncy Curly Wig

You are in for a treat with this hairstyle. The bouncy curly wig is a chic, voluminous, and attractive birthday hairstyle if you want a switch-up. You can have the density, volume, and curls on the wig and slay your day perfectly. So, be sure to get products for shine, and to enhance the curls, to look good.

11. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

An attractive way to style your braids is in a half-up, half-down style. It's current and gorgeous for birthdays. The one at the top of your head is placed into a ponytail and the down section flows freely in the wind.

You can add an extra flair by using decorative pins for the ponytail. Or simply use elastics to hold them together. But remember to be creative as you style the braids. What result will you get? A gorgeous makeover! A pre-braided wig can save you from time-consuming braiding.

12. High Bun

High Bun

You can achieve a sleek single high bun and make yourself look gorgeous on your birthday. It's a simple and beautiful style for your day.

Whether it's curly, straight, thin, or voluminous hair you have, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It's simply fascinating and fashionable.

How do you style this? Comb your hair up to a ponytail. Make it as sleek as you can. Put it into an elastic and wrap the hair around it. You can add extensions to your hair to make it fuller. Then, get your edges sleek and put in some accessories if you want.

13. Bantu Knots with Braids

Bantu Knots with Braids

Have you ever thought of making knots with braids? Bantu knots with braids give you that liberty. It could be with already-made braids or freshly-made braids. Whichever, it's a perfect birthday hairstyle. That's because it screams uniqueness and allows an individual touch.

Get your braids twisted and explore. See how you can achieve the knots; twist the braided hair into knots and hold them with some hair bands. You can make Bantu knots with the front section and leave the back to flow or twist everything to form knots.

The Perfect Look for Your Day

Looking good on your birthday is a must. You shouldn’t have it any other way. So, pick a hairstyle from our list and get your hair styled for your day. 

And we wish you a happy birthday once again. Until next time.

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