Haircut For High Cheekbones

haircut for high cheekbones

Do you want to choose the right haircut to suit your high cheekbone?

High cheekbones give your face a unique lift and alluring elegance. While you can wear whatever haircut you want, we firmly believe in rocking a hairstyle that suits your facial structure. Hairstyles that enhance and compliment your facial features are the top picks!

High cheekbones are a feature peculiar to the diamond face shape. And complementing this unique feature is easy with the right haircut. From bangs to bobs and layered haircuts, many haircuts suit high cheekbones. Want to discover a few? Check them out below.

7 Haircuts for High Cheekbones

1. Pixie Haircut

Surprisingly, high cheekbones help you pull off a pixie haircut effortlessly. It's the perfect haircut to compliment this feature and take your look to a new level.

Pixie Haircut

It adds a natural charm to your face, giving you a cool appearance. You can try this haircut to have deeper eyes, making you more attractive. Plus, it's suitable for most events and would make you look great any day.

About pixie cut

The pixie haircut is a short, edgy, and versatile style that gives a modern look. It has a shorter length at the back with longer ones by the front and sides. 

You might have seen celebrities wear this hairstyle a lot. Zoe Kravitz has been obsessed with the look, Teyana Taylor pulled it off with her high cheekbones and Ciara rocked the pixie with fringe easily back in 2019.

There are still quite a few others who looked flattering in the haircut. That shows how versatile the pixie cut is and how you can slay whichever version you wear.

Some pixie cuts we love you to try are the balayage pixie, choppy tapered pixie, classic pixie, and undercut pixie cut. Switch things up with a bright color, and you'll look great!

2. Curtain Bangs

If you've ever thought of a style that can make you look flattering and add a change to your haircut, it should be curtain bangs.

curtain bangs

  • It's an excellent choice to help balance your high cheekbones and sharp jawline (if you have one). Just like a curtain in a window, the bangs frame your face, highlighting some certain features.
  • They can be so trendy, playful, and simple. While the bangs do this, they elevate your look as well, making them the best option to add softness to your features.
  • You should consider your preferences and your daily lifestyle before going with the curtain bangs style you want. There are the short ones and the longer curtain bangs. However, we'll advise against going for shorter curtain bangs. That's because they can add more definition to your cheeks.

An advantage you have for getting the curtain bangs is they are easy to maintain. You can refresh them with shampoo, texturizer, and spray. But, a downside would be the regular trips to the salon since they grow often, unless get a face framing curtain bang wig.

Let's recommend some products you can have as best friends- Vernon François Mist Nourishing Water, Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo, and IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray.

3. Face Framing Layers Medium Hair Length

Nothing beats the game of some face-framing layers. If you're worried about cutting your hair short, rocking a medium-length hair instead should be fine.

Face Framing Layers Medium Hair Length

This haircut will take your breath away and leave you speechless every time. It's a modern, chic haircut that adds to your look and appearance.

  • Since it's a versatile haircut, you can choose to go for a perm, include different lengths of layers that will frame the face gorgeously, or have your medium-length hair curled.
  • Although you can choose only to cut your hair to a medium length, adding layers to the haircut elevates your style. It will become an effortless and error-free haircut for those with high cheekbones.
  • This haircut works well with any hair texture. Never be bothered about that. You can have yours blown out, texturized, and (or) include some wispiness around your face. There is no telling about the numerous ways you can have it.
  • Adding some highlights will look amazing, but a brunette should be flattering, and, a blonde would be romantic.

We can't leave you without some inspiration. Here are a few for you: blonde, longer face-framing layers, shaggy face-framing layers, blow-out layers, layered curls and face-framing layers, and curtain bangs.

4. Wispy Bangs

Bangs are capable of changing a look quickly. If you are a fan of bangs, here's one you can wear if you have high cheekbones - wispy bangs.

Wispy Bangs

  • Wispy bangs are a trendy and youthful haircut for women. It's a bang that highlights your face and softens your jawline, giving you a sassy look and a sultry feel.
  • The bangs show a bit of your forehead and appear to be a bit scanty. However, they make you look perfect without pronouncing your cheekbones. And draw the attention away from them.
  • Wispy bangs are easy to style and versatile if we must say. You can easily style using your fingers and cream, creating a see-through effect without any hot tools. The length is also a plus. You can choose any length you want and that makes it super amazing.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Jenna OrtegaHalle BerryZendaya, and Dakota Johnson. They each rocked the wispy bangs differently yet beautifully.

You can pair yours with short, curly medium-length hair, or a sleek pixie haircut.

5. Volumized Curly Lob

To complement your attractive face, going for a volumized curly lob isn't so bad.

Volumized Curly Lob

  • It's a cute, dynamic, and refined haircut you can go for. It can be your choice if you want short hair but not too short as bobs.
  • The haircut is versatile, allowing you to wear different variations at any time. You can also add bangs to yours. That's because it can give you some balance and make your haircut look more trendy.
  • Generally, the volumized curly lob is a good choice if you want a lot of texture to your hair. The fullness and texture add spice and flair to it. But not just that, it can add softness to your high cheekbones and take the focus away from them.

This haircut is simply irresistible and stands out on any occasion. Take Tracee Ellis Ross's volumized curly lob as an instance. The haircut flatters her face, complementing her overall look.

You can add some drops of oil to the hair, texturize it with spray, and comb it for a more volumized effect. That's all you have to do to slay this haircut.

Some voluminous curly lob haircut styles we recommend for you are the curly lob with bangs, angled lob on curly hair, and wavy curly lob.

6. Bob Haircut

Care for a simple haircut? Bob wig is great.

bob haircut

  • It is simple but can be glamorous. Besides, it is suitable for every event and a classic choice anyone would love to rock. The Bob haircut has been for a long time but still reigns supreme if you ask us.
  • It's a short, chin-length haircut that's cute and super convenient.
  • You can slay it with your straight hair or add some waves to the haircut. Whichever works fine.
  • Also, going for a bright color or highlights gives you a different look. You can go ombre or choose one color.
  • One thing we love about this haircut is that it frames your face and highlights your high cheekbones. You can have a different vibe every day by changing your style, dress, and makeup.
  • Moreover, upkeep is simple, only that you have to visit the salon regularly to keep your hair at a consistent length.

If you're scared of making errors with your haircut, this is the right choice for you. So, choose Bob. It is a safe haircut you can go for.

7. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is an edgy and cute combo of the shag and mullet haircuts.

Wolf Cut

  • This haircut evokes an aura no one can resist. It's cool and a good haircut to complement high cheekbones.
  • The volume and layers balance the face while drawing attention away from your sharp features. It is a shaggy, voluminous, and modern haircut you'll enjoy wearing.
  • Like any other haircut, the wolf cut can be styled in multiple ways. And you can wear this with your curly hair, wavy, straight, and even fine hair. How's that possible? A few products should help along the way. They will enhance the haircut, and keep it fresh.

We loved the wolf cut on Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez. Yours should be unique as well. So, add your touch. And you’ll be hooked!

Final Words

Like all other parts of you, your high cheekbones are a unique feature you have. They are part of you and are gorgeous. These haircuts should complement them, leaving you feeling stunning.

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